Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miw and purple Eotd

I apologise in advance for this one, I had a horrible time trying to get any good OR accurate pictures! This is another t-shirt inspired look.

Miw (Meow Cosmetics) on inner/middle of lid.
Fierce (Sassy Minerals) on outer corner with Caitlin's Purple Poof (Aromaleigh v1.0 patted on top. Waterline done with black liner, then swept a thin line of Miw on inner lower lashline. Outer lower lashline done same as outer lid. Highlight Tako (Sugarpill), no mascara but I did my brows and face.

My nails are done really simply at the moment. It's ironic, I can use any polish or combo of polishes that I like, it's now finding TIME to do my nails that's the problem! If only I could polish in my sleep...


  1. That green lid shade is fabulous!

    1. It is, and the gold from that same collection is amazing too. I loved them both so much I had them CP'd, this was before Meow adjusted their crazy international shipping rates!

  2. Wow, Miw is the coolest colour EVER!


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