Friday, February 24, 2012

From polish storage: Eurotrip (NotD)

This is one of my maaaaaaaany Mode nail polishes. I have a lot of them, mostly because they're cheap but also because some of them are amazingly good. I'm not sure I've ever actually worn this before, but here it is!

Slightly blurry pic to show the shimmer :)

This colour has amazing gold/copper shimmer in sunlight. I don't normally go for darker polish colours but I really like this one. I did two thick-ish coats to maximise the chocolaty base colour and make sure the shimmer showed up.

Pic with flash, makes the base look a lot more reddish than it actually is.

I added some polka dots with China Glaze Passion. I actually would have loved to do my whole mani with the dots but for some reason my left hand was SO shaky last night, after doing the accent nail on my right hand I kinda went, "Yeeeah no," so accent it shall stay. Or maybe I'll just do one extra nail a day for however long the mani lasts :P

Much better representation of the base colour.

Polka dots!

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