Monday, March 28, 2011


I have a zillion draft posts, I swear. Things just keep coming up that stop me from writing, like trying to balance 26 hours of work with full-time study and not be a complete hermit. It's gotten pretty stressful, my depression and anxiety have flared up and the stupidest things make me cry. Like yesterday when I was going to have breakfast with my boyfriend before work, but my phone put the time back an hour so I thought it was still 9am when he came to pick me up at 10am and I wasn't dressed.


Anyway I got my Sugarpill haul, which was my birthday present from my darling boy :) my new job has a strict policy in regards to makeup, I can only wear really soft and neutral shadows. So I've tried to play with Sugarpill as much as I can on my days off.

Here's a few looks and some matching nails:

Junebug and Tako
I wasn't really excited about Junebug since I have lots of green shadows already, but this is absolutely stunning in person

Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, a bit of Fyrinnae's Banana Mochi and Afterparty.
Inspired by this tshirt :) the crease was a lot brighter and more orangey in person. I had to use Banana Mochi over Buttercupcake because yellows just do not show up on my skin for some odd reason.

Afterparty and Midori, with High Voltage Outshined to highlight.  
I also did a matching manicure for this look, using China Glaze Starboard with Rokk 96 Moonlight layered over.
 I ended up with a ton of bubbling, but I only had it on for two days so it didn't bother me too much.

I'll try to take some photos of my work looks soon. The whole 'neutrals only' schtick is slowly growing on me - it helps that I have a fair bit of variety of textures, tones and companies to choose from.

Hopefully I'll be back on the bloggy horse soon, and I'll be able to finish the photos for the blog sale as well.


  1. I looooove that yellow look! All of them are gorgeous though!

  2. I feel your pain in regards to the not being allowed to wear cool makeup at work. I'm not allowed to either which screws up my blog posting :( I also am in school and working and it just sucks the life out of you doesn't it? I love those Sugarpill looks, I especially like the blending of the yellows with the pop of blue. Junebug looks like a great colour, I don't have that one!

  3. Cydoanian: it looked way better in person, but thanks <3

    Vulcan Butterfly: UH IT IS LIKE THE WORST FIRST-WORLD PROBLEM EVAR. If you have Fyrinnae's Glitterboi, it's like that level of sparkly awesomeness. Except in dark green. I like to just look at them and sigh, since I hardly get the chance to wear them nowadays.

  4. That yellow look is so awesome!

  5. I can't help it. I have to say that yellow look is BANANAS.

    Yes, I am awful >:D


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