Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This is mostly for my make-up oriented readers: just letting you know I've been staring at my stash lately and going "Ehh, I hardly use most of this."

So early April I will be having a blog sale. It will pretty much be eyeshadows and nail polish only. ALL of it has been used, or at least swatched. I will try and be really accurate with the descriptions and take good photos so you know what you're getting into.

Eyeshadow brands will include:
Aromaleigh (some full sizes)
Evil Shades (some glitters)
Sobe Botanicals (some OOAKs)
Concrete Minerals
Sassy Minerals
Morgana Cryptoria (these will mostly be large samples in unstickered jars, I'm going to share out some of my fullsizes)
Sassy Minerals
Meow Cosmetics

Nail polish brands will include:
Mode (lots of it, heh)
China Glaze
Orly (minis)
Rokk 96
The Face Shop

I'm going to spend the rest of the month A) deciding what to get rid of, B) photographing stuff and C) trying to figure out some ballpark postage costs. All stuff WILL be available internationally, but I'll have to be careful with the nail polishes as international regs are a bit tricky, and they may be pretty pricey to ship because I'm totally paranoid about bottles breaking in transit.

Please comment to register your interest! If there's no interest, well... not much point in having it :P


  1. The shipping of nail polish was an interesting note for me, since I'll be including some polishes in my blog giveaway (yay!) but I think that as long as it packed super carefully they should be fine :) there's some notes on Aus Post website I just read about how to package liquids for mail transit etc. Something about making sure it's wrapped with absorbent padding and also a container like plastic or metal etc to prevent it from being crushed. not sure how much they inforce this though, ebcause I sent liquids down to Victoria for my mum's birthday (just body shop stuff) and it was wrapped carefully but not as much as they apparently require as per the website. I think I'd call Aus Post first. I don't know how pricey it is though, I hope not too much! :D

  2. Sophie: what I meant with the nail polish comment was more about the fact that in a lot of U.S. states, it is actually illegal to ship nail polish. I'm hoping not to run into any red tape of that nature!

  3. Really? weird. I mean, because you can buy nailpolish online there in the US. I wonder if anywhere lists places that don't accept polish in mail packages. That would suck to not be able to send a package somwhere because of a few bottles of nail polish!

  4. I may be interested in the e/s from AL, Sassy, Meow, and possibly Morgana.

    @Sophie, the USPS will not allow nail polish to be sent via regular post or priority mail because it counts as flammable/hazardous (even "big three free" polishes.) When nail polishes are shipped in the US, the seller has to ship via UPS or FedEx or something similar. There are some polish houses, like Zoya, that have recently begun shipping via USPS. Possibly they went through some legal red tape and got an exemption because their polishes are big-3-free, I have absolutely no idea. But if Person A is found to be shipping hazardous chemicals through USPS to Person B, Person A can be criminally liable. That gets pretty expensive.

    As to which states allow it and which don't...I've asked the postal workers at three separate post offices around my area, and gotten three different answers. At that point I just gave up trying to figure it out, and whenever I'm shipping nail polish to someone (rare, but it happens) I just use UPS. It costs more, but I don't have to try and figure out "what's allowed this week from which post office."

  5. I'm definitely interested in the mineral makeup portion of ze blogsale. I'll be watching *not a creeper*

  6. OOOOH YES! I am very interested! I would love to try some Aromaleigh, Sassy Minerals, and Meow Cosmetics!

  7. I might be interested? Highly depends though. I'm more into lipstick than makeup and beauty in general, but I've been playing some with the ole eyelid powder recently.

  8. Interested! Just an FYI, I know in IL when I tried to ship polish internationally, they told me no way.

  9. Awesome, thanks for all the feedback ladies!

    Re: the nail polish question... I've ordered nail polish online without incident and I was able to send some to Tempest for our swap, so I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best :S

    I have a week off uni next week so I'll try and start the photos.

  10. AFAIK, one can ship polish within the US but not outside of it, and there are limits as to how much of it you can ship in any given package. To be safe, I'd recommend checking with your local Post Office's Postmaster (don't take the clerk's word for it).

    Also, I shouldn't even look at this blogsale, but I'm totally interested >__>

  11. I'm interested in some morgana and evil shades glitter! And definitely aromaleight since I never had a chance to buy from them :(
    You didn't began the sale, did you?


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