Sunday, March 6, 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics: mystery colours on sale!

Just letting you all know the High Voltage Mystery Colours are on sale again for this weekend!

For $1.25 you can get a fairly generous sample of colours that are not available on the rest of the site. During the last mystery sale I picked up 21, 28 and 34. I decided to do some reeeeeally quick swatches, since there don't seem to be a lot floating around online yet. Swatched over Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. It was the closest :P

21: leaf green with gold-green duochrome
Really pretty. The gold isn't overpowering in this, just makes it lighter and shimmery.

28: muted gold with a strong gold flash
Not anywhere near as metallic and intense as my beloved Ra from Meow Cosmetics, but still a beautiful soft, non-sparkly gold.

34: brass
This is more of a metallic brown - an antiqued, dirty brass. I can see this being an awesome crease colour. It's quite lovely and I don't have anything quite like it. It was quite hard to photograph, hence the larger swatch!

I'm working on a bunch of reviews for comics and books at the moment, but as I'm now a third year uni student (gulp) my workload has increased quite a bit... bear with me! Thankyou all for your comments and support. I have met some really awesome people thanks to this blog :)


  1. Thank you for the swatches! 21 and 34 are lovely! Why on earth are they called 'mystery' colours though, whats so mysterious about them? :P Good luck with your workload!

  2. HI LILLIAN! *fangirl flutter*

    I think they're mystery colours because they were accidents? I'm sure you could ask Jasmine :)

    Thankyou for the luck, I think I'll need it!

  3. Ugh THEY'RE ALL SO PRETTY *grabby hands*

  4. That brass color is beautiful!

  5. Silhouette: did you ooooorder? :P

    Cydonian: it's really lovely, I don't know why I haven't used it yet!

  6. I love 34, but 21 is even better *drools*

  7. High Voltage make some amazing colours :)


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