Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tales of a Part-timer

**Please read my review of Chew if you haven't already, and comment on the review for a chance to win a copy of issue 1!**

You guys, I did it! I made it through my first week (by week I mean two days, I haven't done my weekend shifts yet) of part-time work (mostly) intact!

I look a bit tired because, er, I am, and also because I'm wearing NO MAKEUPS in this photo. I'm smiling behind the paper, I promise. I was going to do the whole cheesy thumbs-up thing, but I can't find my tripod at the moment. It's probably hiding under my couch cushions. One day I'll find a dust bunny under there the size of an actual bunny. Then I'll sell it on eBay.

These are some of the more entertaining thoughts that were running through my head over my first few shifts:
  • This POS system is so old I think that it might actually BE a dinosaur.
  • No, sir, I cannot give you a free display box worth $60 because you're buying a "lot" of coffee. FYI, you are not actually buying a lot of coffee.
  • Oh god which one did she say?! Just tell me the package colour please. On second thought, don't do that, because you'll say gold and then I'll have to ask you if you mean the pinky gold, the pale gold, the yellow gold or the copper gold... and then it will be bad (thank god there are only three reds, two greens and one that people keep referring to as blue but I swear it's purple... albeit a very bluish, cool lilac-y periwinkle-y colour).
Today I had the trial run of what I like to call the "doomsday race"... basically, I have classes from 8:30am to midday. Then I have to somehow:
1) Get changed into my work clothes.
2) Have lunch.
3) Get to Perth, which is an approx. 20 minute trip via public transport.
And I have to do all of this in one hour. Hence by the time I got to Perth it was 12:45 and I hadn't eaten yet. I ventured to the closest and least busy place-that-sells-food, which happened to be a great Japanese sushi bar. I got a Teriyaki chicken box which was about twice the size of the one I normally get (from a different shop). It was my first shift with the assistant manager so I was absolutely FREAKING out about being late and making a bad first impression, so I starting wolfing down my food like it was going out of fashion (funny phrase, but I can't think of anything similar right now).

I got the hiccups. I'm eating and freaking out trying to eat fast, and hiccuping, and thinking "oh NO, I have the hiccups, how long is this going to go for aaaah nobody is going to be able to take me seriously!..." and then they stopped. Normally when I have hiccups I have them for a good twenty or so minutes. By sheer force of will I made these ones go away. I didn't quite finish my food because I suddenly realised how much I'd eaten and I didn't want to make myself feel sick later, so I hurried off to work. The assistant manager is delightful, in case you're wondering.

One of the girls I worked with today will be on with me on Saturday, and she's already told me I can ask her anything at any time, which is so nice. Also my boyfriend has promised to get up (gasp!) on Sunday morning to have coffee with me before I go to work. It's not that early, don't worry, but I do feel a bit bad making him miss out on his weekend sleep-in. He's a tradie so he starts work at 5:30am.

More makeup reviews, swatches, comic and webcomic reviews are on the way! I was going to do 'a something' tonight but this will have to be it... I kinda sorta maybe haven't done my readings for class tomorrow (EEP) and I'm rather sleepy.

How are you all, any significant changes in the last few weeks? Read any good books lately? Had something funny happen to you or to someone you know? Share in the comments, or if it's something you'd rather not tell the whole interwebz, you can email me at the.jade.carver at gmail dot com. Or tweet me. I'm on Twitter all the freakin' time!


  1. Congrats on the first two days!! Or first week, or whatever :D

    If you're looking for a good book, check out Child of a Rainless Year by Jane Lindskold. I recently re-read it, and loved it. You can just read it for the surface story (mystery/drama); or read it and pick up on all the mentions of color, mythology, magic, perception and communication (and history of Las Vegas New Mexico); or read it once for the surface story and then go back for seconds!

  2. Grats on your first week of work going well! It's always slightly intimidating starting a new job and trying to make a good impression. Sounds like your co-workers are nice and helpful too :D I stepped down from my manager's job this week! So I'm going to be a casual soon too (yay!). Now I'm freaking out about not getting enough hours instead of having too many and being worn out all the time, haha. I hate hiccups, mine are REALLY LOUD and I can't make them any quieter, it's so embarrassing haha!

  3. Thanks LiAnn, that sounds really good! I shall add it to my list for sure :)

    Sophie: enjoy your new flexible schedule :) I'm sure you'll be fine, I mean they KNOW you know what you're doing so you're sure to get lots of shifts!

    I have a friend who has intermittent hiccups - like just one, every half hour or twenty minutes or so - and they're just about the volume of a car alarm. We all got so used to it that even when it happened during exams in high school, nobody even flinched!

  4. Hey :) just a bit of a comment to say I'm still here and still reading! I keep meaning to stop and comment on stuff more but time keeps running away ... glad to hear the new job's going well! :) :) :)


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