Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review & swatches: Mckfresh #32 (Nidoran!)

Described as "purple shimmery creme base with white, pink, purple, green glitters of different sizes."
My take: shimmery lilac base with purple glitter squares, tiny aqua squares and hexes, tiny round coppery-pink glitter, and white glitter in several sizes and shapes.

This one's still available in the Mckfresh Etsy store! I don't imagine there are many bottles left, though.

For my mani I used one coat of Nidoran Australis Manic Panic, a red-toned violet - so please keep in mind that this has made the base colour a bit brighter and darker than it would be if I had used it alone, or over a lilac/lavender polish. Nidoran applied surprisingly smooth for such a glittery polish! I got good coverage with my single coat, even if a lot of the blue and larger white glitters stayed in the bottle.

I LOVE the glowy base in this. It's one of my favourite purples for sure.


  1. Hmmm...this seems like a great nail color to try out. I love purples and I this is one of it that I really want to have as well. I'll def check on this....


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