Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review and swatch: Arcane Lacquer Vast & Vague

All the Australian indies bursting onto the scenes with nail polish certainly make ME happy. My wallet not so much. Sometimes it's hard to keep up! I ummed and ahhed for ages when it came to ordering from Arcane Lacquer - this brand is extra special because it's made by Nail Gun XS, a blogger whose stunning swatches are used by many other indie brands. In the end I went with Vast & Vague for my first purchase, as tiny neon squares in a dusty pastel base wasn't something I had in my collection.

Bec recommends 2-3 thin coats if you're not layering the polish. I used 4 coats to get it opaque. In the photos it looks good but in person, I could still see a bit of VNL. Vast & Vague has a soft, cool grey base with sky blue microshimmer, and square glitter in white, light grey and lime green.

I really, really love this polish. The whole Arcane Lacquer line would be perfect for someone who needs polish a bit less blingy for work, or even if you're just not a fan of the chunky, blingy glitters that most indie polish makers produce. Vast & Vague was extremely easy to remove as well, since the glitters are more of an accent than the feature of the polish.

And here I put 2 coats of Vast & Vague over one coat of Mode Cosmetics VIP, which is a cool grey creme. I also managed to get a bit more green glitter out of the bottle for this swatch.

I'm definitely keen to pick up some more Arcane Lacquers. You can get them from her Etsy store, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and soon in Llarowe. Do you like the look of Vast & Vague?


  1. I've hesitated a lot about buying Arcane Lacquers as well but your swatches are making this polish look dreamy! I might have to go order some...

    1. I will definitely be ordering more! They're a nice change from the blingtastic and super-bright indies. Not that I'm against those :P


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