Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Swatches: Lost in Makeupland

A while ago I had a good look at my jar of LiM Finishing Powder for Oily Skin, which is absolutely my HG powder. It was *GASP* nearly empty! I quickly placed an order, and exercised extreme self-restraint by not putting anything else in my cart, even though Belen had released a new collection with some gorgeous new shadows.

I forgot that Belen is a gorgeous soul who adores her customers. When my package arrived, I opened it and out fell my new jar of powder, and THREE samples from the new collection, including one the first LiM taupes, Serial Killer, which I actually put in my cart and then removed when I was placing my order.

Without further ado, swatches! All done over PE unless stated.

Razorlight, "Light silver white eyeshadow."
Pretty darn spot-on description - it does look deceptively matte in the jar. I can see this being a great inner corner colour, probably a bit too whitish to use as a browbone highlight on me though. Now that I'm thinking about all the different shades of silver, I'm imagining a silver/grey gradient eye look. HMM!

I Think I'm Paranoid, "Bright blue teal eyeshadow with a bit of red glitter and holographic glitter and a green twist."

Not a good picture, but shows the green shift.

Looks almost turquoise in the jar. I don't see any holographic glitter, the red glitter is quite sparse, but it has this gorgeous green shift to it that tips is over turquoise into a definitely tealy-blue. Very pretty!

Serial Killer, "Light neutral taupe eyeshadow with a touch of black, holographic and purple glitter."

On bare skin
Over PE
I would classify this as a greyed taupe, since it has a distinct silvery sheen to it no matter how it's applied. This would be great either in the crease or on the lid. It's a really beautiful shade. The glitters are again, quite subtle.

I also love the look of Stoopid, even though Bioshock is definitely my favourite LiM green ever, and I want to try some of the Whipped Reflects, which are highlights with a coloured duochrome shift. Highlighters are another thing you NEED to try from LiM. I have Glow and Faerie and I use them just about every time I do my make-up. They're subtle enough to use on your face as well as browbone.

Visit Lost in Makeupland's shiny new shop here. Fair warning, because she is located in Spain, it does take at least 3 weeks for your orders to get to you. As an Aussie I'm used to that, but I know a lot of American shoppers are used to getting their orders within a week or two, since the majority of indie MMU sellers are located in the U.S. Lucky!

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