Thursday, March 8, 2012

I sense a new obsession coming on... (review)

Lookit what I got in the mail today!

The last time I tried to add a second set of piercings to my earlobes, they took SO long to heal and were so painful all the time, I just gave up. I love the look/idea of other piercings, but 1) I'm way too much of a sook to get anything else pierced, 2) working in the higher-end shops they tend to look down on things that aren't conservative. So when I discovered ear cuffs, like clip-on earrings but meant for places other than your ear lobe, I got myself something small and simple to see if it would work.

It does!
Ignore the triangle-y bit, it's sticky-tape residue, not an imperfection on the cuff.

The cuff is so light and comfortable, I wore it while making dinner and forgot I had it on. It's quite secure, I was a little worried that earphones might disrupt it but it seems to be in a pretty good spot. Because it's such a simple design, you can wear it on either ear, and it goes with most of my jewellery (I'm a silver girl). Now I just need a few more colours and a few more intricate ones as well ;) I already have a ton favourited on Etsy, heh.

Note the indentation from the unsuccessful second hole :(
I purchased from Vintage Made by Ducky. There are a lot of other similarly quirky/niche pieces in the shop. Pricing in the shop overall is good, this piece in particular was $3.50 US, so really cheap! Shipping was good price-wise, time-wise it was fairly standard for U.S. to Aus (I placed the order Feb. 19th and it arrived today, the 8th of March). If you're interested in trying out ear cuffs, I would definitely recommend starting with something like this so you can figure out if it will work for your style, and make sure that having a bit of jewellery dangling off your upper ear will annoy you or not.

It's marketed as "silver" but it isn't hallmarked or anything like that, so if you have any particular metal allergies, I'd advise contacting the seller. I don't have any (touch wood!!!) so I'll be happily wearing this little bit of shiny until I lose it (fingers crossed I don't though).

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