Saturday, January 7, 2012

A stove and nails and animals

I got home from work tonight with the intention of doing swatches and finishing up the post for my Silk Naturals Kisser Slickers review. Instead, I did this:

That, ladies and gentlefolk, is the cleanest damn stove in all of Australia right now. Not pictured is the cleanest damn kitchen that it lives in, because it's the boyfriend's turn to put the dishes away and of course he hasn't done that yet. It is also a newly repaired stove - the ignitors on the two front burners have been no-worky since we moved it, and the technician finally got the parts in for us and fixed it yesterday. We waited a month for our property manager to start doing something about the problem, a month for the parts, and then it took the technician TWENTY MINUTES to fix. Riiiight.

Two months since my last post! How did that happen?! I have been working on my nails in that time (read: whining about the fact that they split and peel all the bloody time, and moisturising like crazy). IT HAS PAID OFF. Here's a pic of the fabulousness before something bad happens to them.

Picture taken with my new camera that doesn't do macro as great as the old one, but I couldn't find the old one so it'll have to do. Polish is a franken I made for work. YES, my nails are rounded! Some of my fingernails aren't really... symmetrical. Especially the middle finger of my right hand, that nail curves inward quite dramatically on one side so when my nails are long and squared, it looks really weird and is actually quite uncomfortable. I decided to try out a rounded shape with the amazing length, and lo and behold, me likey!

I have lots of reviews to do, here AND over at Jade Likes Words for those of you who like reading about books and comics. I am going to do my darndest to post once a week in both places. And you can poke me via Twitter if I don't!

Speaking of Twitter, I'm going to be online a lot less often for a while as I've, er, misplaced my phone. It's literally disappeared. I remember having it in my hand when I got home from work and then just POW! Can't find it bloody anywhere. The things I have done whilst trying to find that thing are absolutely ridiculous (read: I checked the microwave, and shook every piece of clean laundry in the laundry basket, and searched the pockets of bags I haven't used in months). It's a bit of a bummer because 1) being without a phone SUCKS and 2) I still have about 7 months left on my contract for it, so if I have to get it replaced it will be kind of expensive.

On a happier and more picturesque note, over Christmas my grandparents were visiting from Melbourne (well, that wasn't a happy note for my parents who had to deal with doddery and extremely passive-aggressive oldies for two weeks) so here are some snaps from the Perth zoo.


Pretty flower

Bamboo graffiti. BAMBOO. GRAFFITI. I so do not remember seeing that the last time I went to the zoo.


Meerkat butt
Rhino, chillin'

While I was going through these photos I found this photo from our Sydney trip of several months ago:

Carrot cake from Starbucks. God I miss you.

(there will be honest-to-god real posts soon. After all, now the kitchen's clean I have nothing else to d- oh shit I have work tomorrow. Raincheck?)


  1. When I last went to the zoo I watched that tortoise eat a cabbage. For, like, twenty minutes. He shredded it - very slowly. God I love a big tortoise.

  2. If you come and clean my stove, my God. I will give you ALL the polish for your shiny nice nails. *begs*

  3. Suze: for some reason the last sentance of your comment made me giggle hysterically. I have a soft spot for our shelled friends too - I bought a plushie from Sydney zoo and it's adorbs.

    Robyn: be at the airport in- WTF, that's how long it takes to fly to the UK? Forget it! :P

  4. Glad you're back! I never go to Starbucks. Might need to snoop around there some time...

  5. BAMBOO GRAFFITI. Just last night I was in Surfers Paradise and randomly looked at this tree on the sidewalk and it had people's names carved into it. But it wasn't just small little names, it was the visual equivalent of JOOOOOOOHHHHHNNNNN!!!1!!!shiftone!!!!

    Anyway good to see you back <3 I hope you find your phone D:

  6. Aww you guuuuys *smooshes*

    Porcelain, I am jealous, we don't have Starbucks in WA! Have one fcor me.

    Jerry: people graffiti the darndest things. Sadly phone is still AWOL, but I dug out one of the bf's old handsets and bought a prepaid SIM for the meantime.

  7. I seem to notice a distinct lack of koalas in this post...

  8. Our zoo trip was cut short sadly, my grandma wasn't coping too well with the heat :(

    The zoo is SO close to our new place though, and I promise to head straight to the Aussie wildlife section next time ;)


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