Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skincare and empties and favourites!

This is a combined mini-review, empties, wishlist and recommendations post. Because I can.

Products I am re-buying:
Dove Clinical Protection anti-perspiration deodorant
I'm on my... fourth one of these? I'm one of those lucky gals who inherited my father's sweat glands, i.e I sweat prodigiously in winter and let's not even talk about summer, please. While I usually remain fairly un-smelly, I can quickly turn a cute blouse or funny t-shirt into an embarrassment of pit-stained-ness. Suze did a review of the Rexona equivalent to this deodorant here. The Rexona version has the exact same packaging and works the same way (I bought that one once too) but the Dove version smells much better to me. Pricey for deodorant but I'd pay nearly anything to be able to lift my arms in summer!

BareMinerals Multi-tasking SPF20+ Concealer in Bisque
I put this here although I cannot imagine when I'll need another one! This little pot of magic goes a looooong way and has absolutely revolutionised my face. I don't wear foundation to work any more - it's BB cream, a dab of this concealer where it's needed, some translucent powder and I can leave the house looking smooth-skinned and well-rested. Mega props to the beautiful salesgirls at Kit in Perth city who put me onto this (during my little demo I said "wow" about eight times). Worth every cent of the $24.95 I paid for it.

Palmer's Olive Butter with Vitamin E Concentrated Cream
I am on my... fifth tube of this? I still have two nearly-empty ones lying around the house. This, as I have mentioned before, saved my cuticles. You can use it absolutely anywhere (the tube recommends "hands, elbows, knees and feet") - but be warned this is super-rich and thick, and leaves a film of olive oil for about 10 minutes afterwards. Great protection, bad for actually *doing* anything! I keep a tube in my handbag and I usually apply it at least twice a day, once on the bus and then before bed.

Products I am not re-buying:
Sportsgirl Protect Me! Sunscreen SPF 30+
Ok. This is a great sunscreen. It is affordable, doesn't leave a white cast, isn't overly oily and smells like coconut. But that last part is the issue for me. I HATE coconut. I didn't realise this was scented when I bought it. The smell does fade pretty quickly, but I am going to be looking for an alternative when I run out of my (HUGE) tube. So Aussie ladies, if you're on the market for a good daily body sunscreen (or even face if your skin isn't oily) and you actually LIKE coconut, then go forth to Sportsgirl now!

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
I don't know if this just doesn't work for me, or if I'm just using it wrong, or... I mean, I followed the instructions really carefully! And just... bleh. It's entirely possible my hair's just too thick for dry shampoo. I've heard so many great things about dry shampoo in general, and batiste in particular, but... nope. Not for me.

Products I have just bought:
Olay Complete Defence Daily UV Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+
I was previously using an Olay SPF15 moisturiser, but after having read so much about preventative skincare (i.e using sunscreen ALLTHETIMEONEVERYTHING) I became worried that wasn't doing enough to protect my skin from the harsh Aussie sun. This lotion smells a bit sunscreen-y, but that smell quickly dissipates, it doesn't leave a white cast and isn't too oily. I need to use it a bit longer to see whether or not I'm completely 'sold' on it, but it's already edged out my old moisturiser packaging-wise. This one has a pump which can be twisted securely closed (so great for if you need to take it with you for sleepovers) and the pump is SO neat. One does my face, and one more pump is plenty for neck and d├ęcolletage.

Garnier BB Cream (or 'Miracle Skin Perfector') in Medium
Honestly, I have had this for a while, but I'm still not 100% sure about it. It's a little bit orange on me, so I put it on my neck as well, and then dust with powder because I am teh oilies even without the dewy finish this cream gives.

Products I want to buy:
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (see here)
I'm nearly out of all my Indie mattifying powders since I use them every day, and I was thinking about getting something pressed that would be a bit less messy to use on the go. Suze recommended this one a while ago, and although it's not translucent, it sounds promising.

Eccentric Cosmetics Silken Lips (see here)
Beautiful new product from an Aussie indie company! Fun and traditional colours and they're offering samples too.

Silk Naturals skincare
Oh man, so many things. I want to try their toners, and I need to decide which moisturiser and which serum to try next. And duh, Kisser Slickers!!!

Burnout Sunscreen (see here)
This is what I plan on getting when I finish off the Sportsgirl one. Recommended by Jacie who is sadly retiring from blogging :(

Picture Polish flakie covers
FLAKIES. On the website here, Jacie's swatches here.

Well I think that's enough blathering from me. What have you recently tried that you loved/loathed, or what do you have your sights on for future money-throwing?


  1. Great list! So glad to read that you're going to try the BurnOut susncreen - you won't regret buying an excellent physical sunscreen in years to come :)

    The flakies look good, don't they? I was never sold on crackle, but this I like!

    1. Flakies are the BEST :) and sunscreen is definitely important for Aussies!

  2. woo! I am smug to have rated so many mentions.

    I DID think the maybelline performed similarly to the Rimmel matte powder, which I got in transluscent. I preferred them maybelline pretty much purely because the casing was far more secure. worth trying the translucent rimmel? It's obscenely cheap.

    1. What can I say, you are a force of nature in the blogging world ;)

      I always carry powder around with me which is why I think I might need the sturdier casing - as I said, I love my LiM finishing powder but trying to put loose powder on in transit is a nightmare!


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