Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swatch and review: Venemous Cosmetics Lip Poisons

I placed a second order with Venomous Cosmetics which included a mini lip poison for myself and a full-sized for my dear friend Elimy. Tracy, being the super generous soul that she is, wrote me a note thanking me for my review and including TWO free purse sized Lip Poisons! I passed one onto Elimy, and kept the other. I thought I'd swatch them all for you. I'll definitely be getting more of these, I adore the formula.

(purchased from blogsale)

I wore this at work, layered over Morgana Cryptoria's Roses and Violets lipstick, and received a compliment from a customer on my "really pretty pink lipstick" :) it's a milky fuchsia-pink with an incredible blue-violet iridescence which is incredibly hard to capture on camera. 


Quite a sheer one, this tints my lips a pretty, soft pink. A swipe-and-go colour suitable for absolutely anything. My bottle was a bit streaky but this didn't translate to the lips, it came out quite even.

Northern Lights 
(purchased by me)

This was by far the most opaque of the Lip Poisons I purchased, which was a shame because it's FAR too light for me to wear! I did a lip swatch but honestly, it looked so awful, here's a hand swatch instead.

What I DID do was layer it lightly over Morgana Cryptoria's lipstick in Cocoa, a soft nude beige. I think this is definitely more of a layering Poison for those of us who aren't ghostly white anyway ;) if you're the right colouring for this, or just a fan of pale lips, apply it thin and slow, it tends to streak.

Comparison swatches: Northern Lights alone, Cocoa alone, Cocoa with Northern Lights on top.

A note on the formula: this is an amazing gloss. It contains Jojoba and Almond oil, so after you wipe it off your lips are oh-so-smooth. Layered over lipstick the results aren't as moisturising, BUT they're not at all drying either. It's the perfect consistency and weight for me - I can tell that what's on my lips isn't a balm, but it's not oh-god-my-hair sticky either. It's tacky enough to have staying power, doesn't feel greasy, and has great slip. They wear pretty well, fading after 3-4 hours and retaining a fair bit of colour after eating or drinking. None of these three stained, but Hallucinate does leave a little hint of blue/violet sheen behind.

The price? $3.50 for a mini tube and $5 for a full-sized one! Like I said, I foresee a lot more of these in my future. The mix of conservative and unusual shades have you covered no matter what your taste, colouring and needs.


  1. If you want, you can take photos of the two i have on my lips and I can guest review them for you. :)

  2. I really love Hallucinate! I need to order from Venomous.

  3. I love Lip Poisons! Hallucinate looks fabulous :)

  4. Good lord, I totally need some of these!


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