Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guest post! Lip Poison review by Elimy

As mentioned in the last post, I ordered a Lip Poison for my dear friend Elimy and passed one of the free mini ones onto her as well. She kindly volunteered to do a guest review of those two colours :) check out her blog for her thoughts on writing and reading!

Now, I’m a newcomer to the Indie Makeup Scene, so please bear with me if I am somewhat naive. Jade introduced me to this wonderful world, and to be honest, I am only in it for the lip colours. I’m a fairly girly girl, I like vintage and floral prints, but I also don’t like to draw attention to myself. That means, no blue lippie. It’s a simple rule, and it keeps me from looking like a Smurf. Some people, i.e. Jade, can pull it off, but I have accepted that I cannot, and moved on. (Weird colours, for me, are for nail polish... the bright green paint incident of Christmas ’07...)

Alright, so let’s do this thing.

I’ve taken to affectionately referring to this lip poison as Rocket. I’ve been looking for a nice red colour for quite a while, and on the homepage of Venomous Cosmetics, this actually looks quite red, and you can see the blue undertones that are supposedly there. Forgive me if I am wrong, but this is orange, no?

This picture was taken this morning, but I actually wore the colour out last night.  Even though it’s not the colour I thought I was getting (and really, that’s on me, I should have looked at some reviews and stuff), I have to say, I love it.  This simple ordering mistake has found me a new favourite.  And I think it looks kind of good on me. 

One problem is that it is difficult to put on without darker, clumpier bits appearing at the edges.  I found I could get around that by gently swabbing with a q-tip.  Like Jade said, these feel fantastic on your lips; I don’t even have to put PawPaw on after taking them off.  At the movies last night I was all prepared for a stealthy duck to the ladies’ to wipe the orange stains away from around my mouth but... nothing!  Amazing.  I would rather walk out of the cinema with little to no colour left than look like a clown, wouldn’t you??  Thumbs up, Venomous!

So you know how when you’re younger, and just starting to feel fascinated by make up, you experiment by putting highlighter on your lips?  (No?  Just me?!)  This kind of looks like it’s going to turn out like that.  It’s more fluoro than the most fluoro lippie I owned previously, which was Face It Extreme Rouge Gloss in PK102.  And I thought I was being daring when I wore THAT!  This colour would do Barbie proud.  But don’t misunderstand me, that’s a GOOD thing.  This colour is fantastic.  My hair has red undertones but it doesn’t make me look like I am permanently sunburnt.  It took a while to get a good photo though...
It even made my teeth look whiter!  Wow!

I’m going to wear this one all day, even though I’m not really going anywhere.  Just being it makes me feel pretty.  J

All in all, I give both these Lip Poisons two very enthusiastic thumbs up.


Thanks Em! 

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  1. Haha I found a typo already. I wrote "just being it makes me feel pretty." i think i meant just wearing it. And no worries.


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