Friday, August 12, 2011

Acci-drama EoTD

Day off super-fun-time make-up-ness! Except I was going to a house viewing so I wanted to look somewhat normal/responsible etc. "I want a bit of sparkle," I said to myself, "But kind of neutral-ish too. And then red lips, because I haven't done that in a while."

Much blending and cursing later...

My attempts to keep my crease sparkly resulted in a WAY more dramatic look than I was going for. It looks soft in the pictures but the overall result is really dark and smoky. I like it, but it's not what I was trying to do! Lid is Champagne Toast from Aromaleigh, crease is Crown Jewels by Sassy Minerals (probably the only drama-free MMU company left on the internet by now!) I used P.E and highlighted and waterlined (messily, because it needs sharpening and I can't find my sharpener) with a Nyx Jumbo Pencil. Eyeliner is Covergirl Liquiline Blast in black. No mascara. Random brow pencil.

Lips are Stargazer 127 with Lanolips Apple over the top. I was going to use Morgana's Twinkling Rubies, but it's more of a pinky red and didn't match my outfit.


  1. Beautiful! Love the eye, especially. I'm jealous that red lips look so good on you. They don't suit me in the least!

  2. You look gorgeous! Your lips are just stunning!

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone! <3

    Sorry NTB, the koalas are in hibernation for winter :(


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