Friday, February 11, 2011

If you've ever bought makeup online

You need to read this, NOW.

If you haven't heard about the Glittersniffer Cosmetics scandal, thank your lucky stars.

This is why independant beauty bloggers are important. Wasting your money on repackaged products is one thing, being scammed into buying UNSAFE products, having money stolen and being suckered into supporting a lying, amoral seller with NO business ethics is another. Beauty bloggers like Grey, Ana, and Phyrra put their wallets and now apparently their skins on the line to make sure that when we click that 'buy' button, we know what we're getting into.

I hope that anybody who has ever read a review of mine - be it of cosmetics, a comic or anything else - knows that while I don't keep up with current releases, or do hours of research into ingredients and FDA regulations like Ana does, that I will ALWAYS be honest in my reviews.

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  1. Whoa.

    That is horrific ... one of the downsides of the internet; I guess - anyone can sell anything! (Which is also an upside, in other circumstances). I've only ever bought makeup online from LilyLolo (who I believe to be a fairly big and well-regarded mineral makeup company) but this has definitely reminded me to watch out - *especially* with eye products.

    I guess this is another reason why it's good to get recommendations on online stores - buying from people recommended by other people whom you trust is a good way to minimise some of the risks.


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