Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blogger Collaboration: Eyeshadow swatches!

A while ago Wendy of Turtle Beauty was asking for volunteers to do a collection of 'favourite colours' swatches. I'm doing black/silver/grey.

Li-Ann did yellows.

Robyn will be doing greens

Kimmie will be doing blues.

Wendy did purples.

Rachel will be doing reds and oranges.

Here we go!

Thunderstruck from Sassy Minerals: smooth, light matte grey

Phoenix from Evil Shades: dark matte grey with red and gold glitter 

Bling from Sassy Minerals: soft black with gold glitter

Chantal from Aromaleigh: greeny-silver with violet glitter. Quite hard to capture the glitter in photographs, it is quite evident in person.

Double Barrel from Evil Shades: light shimmery silver-grey

Crown Jewels from Sassy Minerals: smoky charcoal with silver, green and aqua glitter

Smoke and Mirrors from High Voltage: deep black with flecks of silver holo glitter

Saved my three most used for last.

Black from Sleek Safari and Curious palettes - the Safari black is completely matte and a little chalky, but the Curious one is opaque and shimmery. I use these to line my upper lashes.

Immortality from Fyrinnae - black with rainbow glitter, and Gasoline Rainbow from Sassy Minerals - black with rainbow glitter. I didn't realise before today how very similar these two shadows are! Both are a beautiful opaque, matte black packed with rainbow glitter. The Sassy is on the left and the Fyrinnae is on the right, but the differences really are miniscule.

That's my stash of black/silver/grey shadows! Hope you enjoyed the prettiness, make sure to go check out the other installments :)

EDIT: forgot to add, all swatches are done over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer, except for Immortality and Gasoline Rainbow, which were done over Pixie Epoxy.


  1. Wooooooah, immortality is amazing! I need to get that big time!

  2. Definitely, it makes a gorgeous liner!

  3. Amazing swatches! Phoenix and Immortality are lovely!

  4. I have been meaning to pick up a full-size of Phoenix, it's absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen anything similar.

  5. wow. these liners with fabulous color! BTW those pics show pretty details, r u a photographer too?

  6. Hi Yvonne!

    They certainly are gorgeous shadows :) I'm an amateur photographer of sorts, and I specialise in macro work which is very helpful for photographing and reviewing makeup!

  7. I got Phoenix in the mail the other day and I can't wait to use it now :D and OMG I need Immortality/Gasoline Rainbow


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