Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sorry for the unplanned hiatus guys! Whilst I've been silent on the blogging front, a lot of stuff has happened, such as:
  • Being really sick on my birthday
  • Going back to university
  • Flying to Melbourne for the weekend for a family thing (NEVER. AGAIN.)
  • Having a job interview (for a super fancy coffee place)
  • Turning down a job interview (the shop was waaaay too far for me to get to)
  • Having another job interview (for a supremely overpriced makeup shop)
  • Not getting a job (at the makeup place)
  • Getting a job (at the fancy coffee place! part time! OMG)
  • Reading a buttload of new comics, and a few books
  • Enduring stinking hot weather (it's 29 degrees Celcius in my house right now)
  • Buying new jewellery supplies and not doing anything with them
  • Accumulating more makeup and trying new perfumes
Two weeks into semester and I'm behind already! There's a lot more reading to do since I'm in third year, and there are small, recurring assessment components as well. I have about 16 draft blog posts at the moment, I'm having trouble finishing things. Blogger's block? Anyway, I'm aiming to try and post 2x a week from now on, bare minimum.

I have a give-away planned in a few weeks :) true to my blog's theme of 'everything', the prizes range from comics to perfume to a pair of earrings made by yours truly. I'm waiting for something to come in the mail and then I'll set it up.

READER QUESTIONS! Please comment OR, if you feel like a more private chat, you can email me at the.jade.carver at gmail dot com. I'm also on Twitter a lot more than I should be.

1. What would you like to see first, or more of in general from my blog? I.e comic/webcomic reviews, book reviews, personal posts, photography posts, makeup reviews, EOTD/NOTDs, Blog Brags?

.2. What have you blogged about recently that you would like me to read and/or comment on?

3. What weather do you prefer, hot or cold? (Personally I can't wait for winter to come back, though I haven't really made use of the hot weather at the moment - I've probably swum once so far and I haven't been to the beach yet. I am such a bad Aussie!)


  1. 1) Book reviews! I'm a big reader and always on the look out for new books to try. Mostly in horror/sci fi/fantasy though... I haven't blogged about anything special lately, because I've been crook too :( and I prefer cold weather. I'm a worse aussie than you - I haven't swum at the beach in probably about 6 years or more LOL. Grats on your newly aquired job too ! :)

  2. Vote one for books! :) I pretty much only read scifi/fantasy and a dash of crime, heh. I've been branching out a little but they're still my go-to genres.

  3. 1. I picked up "Life of Pi" at a thrift store the other day because of you, so count me in for lit/comic reviews! Btw, update your GoodReads account!

    2. Awkward :p

    3. I'm chomping at the bit for spring! Not summer, mind, that's too hot & sticky here. But spring, after the bleak winter we've had… *sigh*! I haven't been to a beach in years, but I would like to collect shells along one in the near future.

  4. I would like to see anything you post! You do amazing swatch photos! Glad to see you're trying to come back =P

  5. Tempest: :P

    Thanks Cydonian! I am pretty happy with the macro setting on my camera, it allows me to get nice and close to the sparklies.

    I have a few assignments due this week and next but I will do my best to finish a comic review and do a make-up related post during the week. Thanks for the comments everyone!


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