Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swatches: Evil Shades

I placed my first order from Evil Shades when they were having 48 hours of free shipping. I got the sample set of all the glosses and lippies. I loved them so much that I placed a second order of eyeshadow samples shortly after the new Mythology collection came out. Then a few days after that order shipped I found out that the Nightmare polish was available, so I quickly bought that. AND I GOT ONE. MUAHAHAHA. (It was incredibly limited edtion and is all sold out now).

All swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy (which I will need more of soon). Mythology collection shades are denoted with an asterisk.

Coffin: glowing burnished copper, liquidy and lovely

*Gryphon: deep chocolate brown with hints of violet glitter/shimmer. It's a lot more brown than it looks here.

Mordant: sort of a reverse of Gryphon, this is deep plummy purple with coppery glitter.

*Kharon: shimmery dark bluey-purple.

*Phoenix: I don't know why I didn't just get a full-size of this. Matte charcoal base with red and gold-orange glitter. It is AMAZING.

Double Barrel: shimmery silvery-grey (I think this is supposed to show other colours but just looks quite plain to me. Still lovely though!).

I also got a (free) sample of the new glitters, in Midnight Star, and it's glitteriffic alright! Silver, pink and blue.

I haven't actually gotten around to wearing any of these on my eyelids yet, but I have heard many great things about their longevity etc. 

And finally, Nightmare: a blue-violet holographic duochrome nail polish:

This was a bit more sheer than I was expecting, but it dries really fast, and it's so worth layering to get the max effect. This swatch was four coats. The holo aspect looked great in the million photos I took, but I wasn't able to capture the duochrome, so visit Evil Angel's blog and drool over her amazing nails. I'll also get some shots of it in the sunlight and put it up with the follow-up Evil Shades posts.

After Aromaleigh stopped shipping internationally, I was completely devastated because I had wanted a full-sized version of Serenade from the En Pointe collection, which is a soft denim blue with violet duochrome. I messed around with some unused samples and my TKB pigments and managed to successfully dupe it! Now I have the equivalent of a full-sized jar. It is actually pretty freaking similar to Nightmare, I can't wait to wear them together. 
Yeah, that's the same eyeshadow with different angles/lighting. Awesome, huh?

I placed another order from Evil Shades yesterday. I got the Halloween limited edition nail polish, some more Stars samples, and a sample of her new cuticle balm. Can't waaait for those to get here.

Coming up next in makeup: Swatches of the entire Evil Shades lipstick range, two Morgana LE swatches plus more pictures of Blueberry lipstick (I got a full-sized tube), and some High Voltage swatches.

Coming up next in not-makeup: 2 webcomic reviews/recs, a post about ebooks, a possible guest post from my wonderful boyfriend (I'm still negotiating with him, heh), and some photography.


  1. Great swatches! Thanks!

  2. Your dupe is so pretty! There's so much Evil Shades stuff I'm lemming right now... *drool*

  3. OM NOM NOM. Your AL dupe is so purrty :3

    Ugh I want so much from Evil Shades rn, but I'm trying to be good with mai monies :( *lives vicariously through you*

  4. Thankyou dears!

    And yes, I will not be buying more for a while, I kinda went over my phone cap a bit... Meep!


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