Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Dynamite Entertainment

Hi. I wrote a review about your Vala comics a while back. Then after your Daniel Jackson series came out, I sent you an email about the cover art. I wanted to know how you'd managed to find the SINGLE most talented cover artist, talented in that he managed to make Michael Shanks:

Look like this:
I was fascinated, in the way that you can't tear your eyes away from roadkill because it's so horrendous. I asked if you could please, please find someone who knew how gorgeous the man was and actually, well, draw him rather than... that.

Today I went to my local comic book store. I saw #2 of the Daniel Jackson series and grabbed it. I didn't actually look at it until I got home (the new Dr. Horrible anthology took preference).


I must congratulate him. Daniel Jackson does not look like an unfortunatley butch woman on this cover. However instead of the blue-eyed, dark-haired geek with a gun that Stargate fans came to know and love over the 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1:

He is now, apparently, blond, and with a rectangular head:

So... I'm not sure I can continue buying these issues. At least without tearing the covers off and burning them.



  1. You cant be a manly comic book superhero without a rectangular head, Jade. Silly.


    He is rather lush...

  2. LOL - I don't understand why they would do that since presumably the people who will buy the comic are fans of the actual Daniel Jackson who doesn't have a square head and isn't blonde. Perhaps you could have your own picture of the real Daniel and stick them over all the pictures of the silly looking Daniels before you read?

    Sigh, he was always my favourite on Stargate - I'm not a big sci-fi fan but I liked the humour on that show and Daniel is quite delicious.

  3. I agree with Bernadette. On the sticking your own picture of him on the comic. I will keep my opinions of Daniel's deliciousness to myself.

  4. Right, I'm off to buy a buttload of scifi mags so I will have Daniel pictures.

    Bernadette: I don't understand it either. It has me utterly baffled.

    Never Too Busy: hahaha!


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