Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My head is a mess because of uni at the moment (assignments, ah! Study, ah!), so I thought a nice pic-heavy post of all the things I'm drooling over at the moment might be a bit of fun.

Underbust corset
Corsets are suprisingly comfortable, if you get a good quality one. Unfortuately a good quality one can cost anywhere from $200-450. Corsets-uk, where this simple beauty is from, is SO cheap! I can't yet speak to the quality of the corsets, since I don't yet own one from there, but they are hand-made. I'm in the works to pitch in with some friends for a corset or two. Combined shipping FTW!

I've heard so many good things about Scott Pilgrim, and they're pretty widely available now. Not that I need more comics to buy into!

I am deliriously happy to have found some unique, affordable, pretty goth shoes. These are on sale at my local smoking and subculture shop. There's about 3 other pairs I also like, but these are the most unique.

Castle is a witty crime-and-literature show starring the sublime Nathan Fillion. 'Nuff said!

I am trying to cut down on my cosmetics/make-up buying since I have actually run out of room to store it all! I don't have a huge collection like most beauty bloggers, but it's still bigger than average and I know I'm not using a lot of it. I did just buy some Evil Shades and High Voltage samples, and got two of Morgana's LE shadows (as well as a tube of Blueberry lipstick, yay!) so I'll do some haul/swatch posts when I can.


  1. Nathan Fillion unfunfunf ;]

    I really need to read the Scott Pilgrim series, because I fucking LOVED the movie :3 so cute

  2. I want one of those corsets ... although my challenge for this month is to stay in the black so that is not going to happen (had to go quite far into my overdraft last month due to buying a new netbook (which I can use for work and on train journeys and was an excellent buy) + travelling away for a Christian conferencey thing + other odd expenses e.g. dentist). Maybe some other time ... I do wonder how corsets-uk do them so cheaply, though.

    Also: GORGEOUS shoes!


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