Sunday, April 21, 2013

NotD: Grey gradient and glitter!

Felt like doing something a bit more understated with my nails this time around. The weather is doing its usual weirdness - autumn in Australia is very much like spring, in one week you'll have a cold and drizzly day followed by a warm and sunny one! I decided to do something a bit wintry.

Polishes used:
Mode Cosmetics VIP
Zoya Harley
Revlon Steel-her Heart
Nubar White Polka Dots

I used VIP as a base, sponged Harley on the lower 3/4 of the nail and then Steel-her Heart on the lower 1/2 to 1/3 - I hadn't sponged before so getting the colour light and applied evenly was a bit difficult! I then applied one coat of White Polka Dots over the top.

My bottle of VIP is getting gluggy - I've had it for a couple years now. It's one of my favourite polishes, such a smooth and gorgeous grey creme. There's still quite a bit left in my bottle - maybe I should try thinning it.

Expect to see some more sponging from me!


  1. That looks amaaaaazing. Can I get you to do a post about how to shape your nails without accidentally making talons?

    1. Have written up a general nail stuff post and it's on its way :)


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