Thursday, April 18, 2013

NotD: Ablaze Skittles

I had a reeeeeally bad split in the side wall of my thumbnail. I patched it for about 3 weeks until it grew out, then decided on a whim to change my nails to an almond shape. I love the way it looks but the feel of it is taking some getting used to!

Anyway, I decided to do another skittle manicure, this time with Ablaze from Alanna Renee. Lots if pictures under the jump!

Polishes used:
Illamasqua Throb (one coat)
Manicare GlamNails Paint it Black (two coats)
Orly Old School Orange (three coats)
China Glaze Passion (one coat)
Alanna Renee Ablaze (two coats over Old School Orange)

I used Revlon Speed Dry top coat and a thin coat of Gelous over Ablaze.

My rarely-seen right hand, complete with HORRIBLE cuticles
I'm really enjoying skittles and accent glitter nails - definitely makes for an easier removal than a full glitter manicure!


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