Saturday, March 16, 2013

Swatches: Sportsgirl 'Pout About It' lipsticks

Swatches and reviews!

Sugar Lips is a soft Barbie pink. 

Berrylicious is a pinky-purple berry with a matte finish. 

Love Bite is a deep pinky-red. I was hoping for dark wine red, it's quite pink-toned.

Sportsgirl lipsticks have great pigmentation and are fairly long-lasting. However, the formula is very unforgiving of any flakiness, and is not moisturising (especially the matte shades), so I recommend exfoliation and lip balm before application. They do stain a little bit which contributes to the colour longevity - and means that dry-lipped people can wear them blotted and topped with gloss for a more lip-friendly solution.

Bonus swatch: Bombshell, the first Sportsgirl lipstick I ever bought. I thought I'd already reviewed this, but apparently not! This has a sticker on the base instead of print, and it has a much creamier, more forgiving formula than Berrylicious.

Bombshell is a vivid, matte red.

Packaging is a simple black plastic case, with a plastic 'colour well' on the bottom to make shade identification easy. They close fairly tightly, with a nice 'click', which I like. The colour range changes very often, so if you see a shade you like, I suggest grabbing it ASAP. You can get these lipsticks from Sportsgirl stores, or their website, for $9.95 each.

For a brand that started off exclusively doing clothing, Sportsgirl have put out some fairly impressive (and reasonably priced!) cosmetics. Aside from these lipsticks, I own a bronzer, sunscreen and some nail polish produced by Sportsgirl. Jerry swears by their lip gloss.


  1. Oooh Bombshell looks absolutely beautiful! I love matte lipsticks anyway and that one looks really creamy and nice.

    1. It's the best matte formula I've ever put on my lips, that's for sure!

  2. I think the worst things about these is that they bleed all over the lines of your mouth and crease like a bitch.

    1. Really? Huh, I wore Love Bite for about 8 hours today and didn't get any bleeding or creasing at all.


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