Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dupe battle! Shiro vs. Aromaleigh

You may have read about my love, and search for a dupe of Aromaleigh's Champagne Toast. Lucky for me, Aromaleigh brought back some of their Christmas colours in 2012, so I grabbed myself a full-size of Champagne Toast, and Twinkling Lights, which is a green with red glitter.

Not so long ago Shiro Cosmetics released the Hobbit-themed collection called "There and Back Again", which features and eyeshadow called Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees, also a green with red glitter. I got myself some Shiro goodies in an effort to compare the two shadows, for those people who may have missed out on Twinkling Lights, or those with extensive collections.

Twinkling Lights "medium cool holiday green with pink/red twinkling shimmer sparks"

Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees "Deep earthy forest green filled with firey red sparks"

Just from comparing the jars, it's clear that the Shiro shade has a darker, more olive-green base than the Aromaleigh one. I swatched the shades on dry, bare skin.

Twinkling Lights left, Fifteen Birds right

SO not dupes! Both have the same pink-red glitter, but the Shiro shade is a deep mossy green, while the Aromaleigh is a bright, grassy green (not as blue-toned as it looks here).

More dupe battles coming up!


  1. I just love Aromaleigh. Love. Twinkling Lights is beautiful. I love Champagne Toast too.

    1. They're both such gorgeous shades :)


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