Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dupe battle! Shiro vs Sugarpill

Last but not least, There and Back again compared to Sugarpill's Midori.

There and Back Again is describe very simply as a "bright emerald green".
Midori is "vibrant green with a slightly pearl sheen".
Slightly different battle this time, comparing a loose and a pressed shade. 

Midori is quite sheer and patchy without primer, but at first glance, There and Back again is a shimmery, yellow-toned version of Midori. I decided to bring out the Nyx pencil again to see if providing a base changed either colour.

A white base intensifies Midori, bringing out blue undertones. There and Back Again remains true to 'pan' colour, a slightly yellow-toned green. Again, similar shades, but not dupes. 

Thanks for joining me for this Shiro dupe battle miniseries! It was definitely fun to explore the variety and nuance available within the indie make-up scene. Thankfully, the major repacking scandals are far behind us, but remember to research and sample before you buy - it'll save a lot of financial and emotional headaches.  

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