Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Australis MegaLash Mascara (Electric Blue!)

I had a bit of cash to spare and wandered into Price Attack to get a new mascara. They didn't have either of the two that I like (one is Covergirl and one is Maybelline), but when I saw this baby I decided it was definitely worth $10ish to try a coloured mascara. I grabbed a plain black Australis as well, which I'll review later on. It's in the same family as this mascara (MegaLash).

Probably one of the biggest/longest mascara tubes I've ever seen! Here it is next to and old favourite which has a fairly common shape:

It has a traditional bristly wand, not a spiky rubbery one:
Bloody hell, that's bright! But how does it translate when it's applied? Let's find out!
Bare (curled) lashes:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand with Electric Blue (2 coats)

It doesn't hold the curl very well (not that my lashes curl well in the first place!) but does provide some lengthening. In the pictures the colour shows up a lot better/brighter, it's more of a subtle effect in person and will probably be entirely obscured by my glasses. It leaves my lashes feeling soft and flexible, so if you're not a fan of stiff/crunchy mascaras this might be a good one for you to pick up. The good thing about the subtle colour affect is that you could get away with wearing this to work, since it's not like wearing a pair of in-your-face coloured falsies ;) as a regular mascara it's not as thickening or volumising as I'd like, so I probably won't be reaching for this when I do a dramatic or evening look.

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