Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pretty Serious lip gloss review

While Pretty Serious Cosmetics were having their 50% off sale, I decided to grab a few of their lip glosses to try. 
Swatches and a review under the cut!

Morning Java
"gorgeous twinkling gold" (caramel flavour)

 The sheerest of the three. I'm not sure if it's just because of my skintone, but this is hardly visible on me - it's like a clear base and the sparkles just make my lips look glossy, not glittery at all.

"twinkling blue and aqua sparkle in a sheer blue base" (raspberry flavour)

BSOD gives me lips a blue/darkish tinge but most importantly, the glitter shows up! The base tends to want to settle into my lip lines a bit, so I'd advise well moisturised and exfoliated lips or another lip colour as a base before wearing this. Definitely my favourite of the bunch.

"colour shifting sheer green with twinkling green and purple glitter flecks" (boysenberry flavour)

This one just tints my lips, with the same lip-line-settling issues as BSOD. The sparkle seems a lot finer than BSOD which is maybe why it's subtle in the hand swatch and not at all visible on my lips.

The formula on these is definitely more of a typical gloss formula, I don't find it particularly moisturising. It's thick and smooth, glossy and not sticky. It's not runny or goopy if you apply lots, though it's hard to get a lot of product out of the thin necks of the tube. The doe foot applicator is slanted quite sharply at the top, which means it doesn't hold a lot of product either. Once wiped away, they don't leave any glitter or stains behind.

Verdict? If you like sheer glosses, I'm sure you'll love these. However I'm into colour, so these aren't quite my cup of tea. I thought these would be a bit more duochrome or sparkly, they're just a bit subtle for my taste, and not moisturising. I definitely want to try the new colour glosses though, apparently these have more pigment. One last gripe: apart from the company name on the tube, there's no other info on the actual product. I had hoped the name would be somewhere, but no bueno.


  1. Hi Jade! Thanks for your review! We are actually in the process of reformulating our sparkle glosses and we're happy to take your feedback on board! Thank you! - Kaz

  2. Oh, I was hoping these would be a lot more pigmented when I saw them in the photo! The blue one still looks pretty cool on.


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