Monday, October 8, 2012

Max Factor Mini Nail Polish: Elegant Mauve (??)

So first we had Ivory which was actually a pale gold glitter, and now we have Elegant Mauve. Guess what? It's not mauve.

I would describe this as a frosty cocoa pink, or maybe dirty rose gold. It's opaque in two coats and has a bit of brush-stroke to it. It's a pretty sort of metallic neutral.

No topcoat in these photos. I don't have all that much to say about this polish. It's... okay? I guess if you're into neutral polishes this is a nice one to add to your collection. I can see it being great for office environments and interviews as such, but you know me - I like brights ;)


  1. Your nails always look so fricken healthy!!! Jealous. Could you do a post about how you take care of your hands and nails?

    1. Heh, uh... *stares nervously at nubbins*

      Sure! My nails are really short at the moment due to a break, but I can start drafting something.

  2. WTF is with the names of these polishes, lol! The Ivory one definitely was NOT Ivory and this one is definitely NOT Mauve! Oh well, it's still pretty anyway.

  3. I saw that too! Did you pick up Fantasy Fire (I bought that one)?


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