Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well hello there

Scroll to bolded bits for important beauty questions! Go and read about my geeky adventures during Supanova weekend!

I’m waiting on several packages and trying to figure out how to best swatch Fyrinnae Arcane Magic and Sobe’s new duochrome blushes. It’s bloody hard! Also I’m much more reluctant to get out of bed during winter, so I haven’t found any time to photograph EoTDs L

I should have some reviews over at the comics/books blog soon, and I’ll be chronicling my JulNoWriMo adventures since I had a brainwave. On the 30th of June. For a graphic novel script (pretty much the only format I don’t know how to write in…)

Before I forget – PLEASE ADVISE ME! I’ve been getting dry patches on my face (since its winter and there are heaters turned up high everywhere) and have reluctantly decided I need to find a nice tinted moisturiser. Any suggestions for olive-y, oily skin? I'm thinking about the new Illamasqua Skin Base stuff, but there isn't a counter in Perth yet, so finding a match will be very tricky.

Those ladies who don’t use Seche Vite top coat, what do you use? I need to find an alternative L between shrinkage and how rough I am on my hands, my polish is only lasting 1-2 days before I get obvious tipwear. I don’t like applying work-safe polish 3-4 times a week! IT IS NOT FUN.

Review which is definitely upcoming because photographing it is easy: Lanolips review. I couponed. TWICE. IT WAS GREAT. 
Crappy phone picture because I can now connect 
my laptop to my phone via Bluetooth. ALSO VERY GREAT.


  1. DRY FACE: Visit the clinque counter. They have a million and one tinted moisturisers and they'll match you far better than you or I could do ourselves :/ I have had good colormatch experiences with Clinique.

    NAILS: I use Revitanail as a topcoat. It's hardcore. It's part of the Dr Lewinns bubble, and I see it retail from anything between 20-40. It's SO good.

  2. Sparklz and Shine just did swatches of all the skin bases if that helps at all:

  3. I hope you tell us what you do use as a top coat when you find a good one because I've been suffering from major chippage too.

  4. I agree with Robyn, check out Sparklz and Shine's Skin Base swatches! Failing that, harass them for some samples >:D

    Also, "I don’t like applying work-safe polish 3-4 times a week! IT IS NOT FUN." made me LOL

  5. I can't wait for the Sobe blush review!


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