Friday, June 3, 2011

Lost in Makeupland part 2: loose shadows

Part 1, with pressed shadows and highlights is here. These are all my loose shadow sample swatches.

Yeah Yeah Yeah 
(Rock My Look collection)
"dark greenish black"
 I swatched this and I went, "Well crap, I obviously am developing an obsession with emerald green".
This is a ridiculously gorgeous colour. You can sheer it on for a deep, almost-black green, or use a sticky base to make it a stunning, metallic emerald.

 "deep, dark [green] but flashes with silver and purple"
Lighter than Yeah Yeah Yeah, and you can see the silver and purple glitter, but it's very fine and subtle. A really pretty, unusual shade! If you blend it out it has these purplish undertones. This was really hard to photograph, the lighting dulled it a bit.

"bright bronze" 
Well... erm... I swatched this, and then swatched Expensive! next to it, and then looked at it again... and somehow, either because of the base I used or because of my skinton, this pulls mauve on me. Metallic, and bronzey at some angles, but it's definitely mauve! Ana's swatch is definitely more of a bronze/tan colour. So odd! 

Psychedelic Mushroom 
(Lifestyle collection)
This is a smoky plum with an iridescent violet highlight and silver shimmer. Blended out like so:
 It creates a soft smoky, shimmery, iridescent haze.

 This just looked like Psychedelic Mushroom with gold shimmer to me. Which is nice if you're one of those people who can't mix their metals *coughMEcough* 

"Electric blue mixes with multicolor glitter"
I can only see silver glitter in this, but it's so pretty and sparkly I don't care! I don't think I own any other blues quite this shade. I was really not excited about this in the bag but I cannot wait to wear it, probably with a silver inner corner and a neutral highlight.

Not Too Much
"Brick red with subtle silver sparkle"
This is the exact colour of a red brick! That deep brownish red, and matte - I think my swatch is a lot more brown, so look at Ana's for a more colour accurate one. The silver sparkle isn't really subtle, but it's not huge chunky glitter either. I'm really at a loss with this one, I like it but it's so unusual I'm not entirely sure how to wear it! I think I'll have to do some experimenting.

(Lifestyle collection), 
with Expensive on the left.
"almost metallic greenish gold"

Ink Bubbles
 Lovely cheerful, shiny fuschia.

 Beautiful bright gold, which takes on a bronzey cast when put near Mustard. I'm going to have to do a look with those two, and a comparison between Expensive and Ra from Meow.

Good Morning
"bright, beautiful orange with subtle pink and turquoise shimmer"
This isn't bright as Would (swatched in part 1), in fact I'd describe this as more tangerine, as I envision tangerine as lighter than orange (though if you look at the fruits themselves, they're the same darn colour). That being said, I LOVE this shade! Soft almost pastel orange, with beautiful pink and blue shimmer. I know it looks yellow-ish here but trust me, it's definitely orange in person. 

SO MUCH PRETTY! Swatching these took a bit longer than expected, as well - some of the colours were particularly difficult to photograph, and I wanted to do them justice. Also because Blogger was being a poo and taking forever to upload photos, and then when I uploaded them to Photobucket instead, it kept telling me the URLs were wrong.

Soon, an in-depth palette discussion, some blush swatches, and the finishing powder review (I've been using it for the last two days)!


  1. oh WOW, I love Bioshock, Yeah Yeah Yeah and Party... gorgeous!

  2. I must say, you have excellent taste in colours, I love all of these! I'm really enjoying the metallic finish on a lot of these!

  3. I really like Not Too Much and usually I'm not too fond of brick reds!

  4. Cydonian: they really are!

    Vulcan: I must admit I only picked 5 colours, I had to ask Belen to choose the other 5 for me!

    Lillian: it's definitely an unusual colour, I love the silver sparkle.

  5. Yeah Yeah Yeah, Mustard and Expensive are hot. That's so weird that Tan pulls so mauve, maybe it was a mislabelled one?

  6. These eyeshadows look devine: great review, girl! Love the glitter and pigments of each.

  7. Silhouette: I don't know, it looks 'tan' in the bag! I think it might be just me, lol.

    Maria: Thanks for your comment. You know that your name turns into a link which goes to your blog, right? So you don't have to leave the URL in your comment. That's actually considered rude by a lot of people.


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