Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review: Lost in Makeupland Finishing Powder for Oily Skin

Review of pressed shadows here and loose ones here.

*disclaimer: I did receive this as a free product, but it has not influenced my review in any way. If I didn't like it, I'd say so!*

Pixie Epoxy was the first foiling medium I ever used, so I'd never experienced finding a HG beauty item that blew the previous ones out of the water... until now.

I have skin that I classify as "SWAMPTHING" oily. Even if I'm going barefaced for the day I need some sort of powder to keep my face from becoming shinier than a disco ball. I gave up on liquid foundation for the longest time, because I couldn't find a good match or anything that wouldn't slide off my face! I started using powdered foundation, which helped, and tried a few different oil control powders. These various combinations would usually look ok for 3-4 hours, but then I'd find my make-up had become blotchy and my face was grossly shiny.

After testing the LiM powder for a few days, over:
  • Primer and foundation
  • Just foundation
  • Bare, moisurised skin
  • And oh, the horror - unwashed skin!
I can safely conclude that this is my HG finishing powder. It is white in the jar but applies truly translucent for me; it doesn't make my olive-tan skin look ashy, whether its applied over foundation or not. Darker skintones may find a bit of ashiness, I'm not sure. I seriously do not have to apply a second round of powder for the whole day, even with sweating, rain and SWAMPTHING skin!

This powder isn't an official part of the LiM line yet, but I can't imagine any reason why it wouldn't be available soon. I ran out of blotting sheets last week, and I don't forsee myself buying any more, ever. Also my mum's requested a jar of this - her exact words were, "What do you have on your face now? Does it come in my colour, can I have some?" If you don't have oily skin, Belen does have other finishing powders for Dry and Normal/Combination skin which I would absolutely encourage you to sample. Samples are $2 US and the full-size powders $8 for 10g, which I think is extremely reasonable! Unfortunately they're not vegan, so keep that in mind.

Blush and palette posts will be delayed for a week or so, I have to fly to Sydney for work training and unfortunately I don't have time to do the posts before then :(


  1. I'm so glad this is a HG for you! :D I put a lot of work on my powders and am happy that they're working so well on different skin types. The oily skin one hasn't been released yet because I put my products to some exhaustive testing before releasing, and since I couldn't do it properly myself, had to wait until I found testers. Luckily it's going really well with Stephanie so once her testing is done it'll be released :)

    Your mom liking it is really funny hehe.

    Can't wait for the next posts!:D


  2. Great review! I find this post very interesting because I have deathly oily skin as well and I had been thinking about purchasing an oil control type of powder but hadn't chosen one. Thanks for the information!

  3. Ooooh I need to try this out and see if it can hold my extremely sweaty man face at bay >:D

  4. Hello again! I passed a blog award on to you! Pass it on to some other nice ladies if you want :)

  5. I read this review once then had to come back and read it again. I want this so so badly! I've never read about a face powder that may actually be able to hold up to my oily skin and light sweating I do. I seriously am going to have to try this myself I think. Thanks so much for this awesome review!


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