Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Barry M lip glosses


"Coral" or number 11
This was originally purchased in a blog sale, and I loved it so much that when I realised I'd nearly finished the tube, I bought another one. It smells like a ridiculously sweet mandarin. It's a bright orange creme that can be sheered out.

"Bubblegum pink" or number 5
Smells like Hubba Bubba. Like seriously smells so accurately like that traditional hot pink bubblegum I have to resist the urge to lick it. Cool bright pink creme. I don't think it really suits me.

"Toffee"or number 2
Smells more like caramel than toffee (yes I know they're pretty much the same thing, shut up). Really doesn't show up on me, but the formula is very soft and moisturising and smells sooooooo gooooood. Fawny brown with silver microglitter.

No lip swatches for these ones because my lips are in awful condition at the moment, sorry! I could not get good pictures. Suffice to say if you're after subtle, the texture and moisturising properties of these make them great to wear on their own. I think they'd be great over a lipstick, stain or pencil as well. They're available directly from the Barry M website at £4.49. Alternately they're all over eBay at about $6 AU.


  1. I LOVE TOFFEE. Love that gloss, I really do.

    1. It's SO awesome, I think I'll have to buy another one soon!


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