Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review and Swatches: Inglot 204

It finally happened, I finally went to Inglot! I didn't have a lot of money to throw around so I decided to limit myself to one flaky polish. Since I already have Nubar 2010, a green-orange-gold-red flaky, I decided to go with something bluish. I don't remember what I paid for this tiny bottle but it was around $14.

Here it is over black:

You can see a bit of the purple duochrome in the bottle here.
The only thing I would say about this flaky is that it doesn't show up over light colours very well. I actually wasn't that impressed with it until I tried it over black (and then I drooled a bit). It's a very decisive duochrome - it either looks blue or it looks purple, none of this intermediary, multi-coloured stuff. It's also PACKED WITH FLAKIES. After using the Australis Speck-tackular, which has a super-thick base and sparse glitter, I found this almost hard to use. The base is thin and the flakies almost want to overwhelm your nail (doesn't really help that I have nubbins right now). I thought it might even be bumpy due to the thin texture, but a coat of Revlon Speed Dry and it felt completely smooth.

I really wish Inlgot named their colours instead of numbering them, it would make searching for swatches SO much easier! I'm definitely interested in trying more Inglot, it will just have to wait until I have income again, and until I can get up to their location (there's only one shop in Perth and it's pretty hard for me to get to).


  1. The Garden City Inglot closed. :( Where's the other one?

    1. Sadly this is a very old post, so I guess we don't have any Inglot in Perth now :(


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