Thursday, September 29, 2011

Op shop mini-haul

I am a total op shop junkie. That's 'thrift store' for my American readers. So when my mum offered to take my Auntie and I on an op-shop spree, I couldn't say no.


Adorably, ridiculously tacky shoes:

I don't understand why somebody would throw these out! Usually anything with rhinestones or diamantes is missing a few... not these babies. The soles are marked so you can tell they've been worn a bit, but from the top and front they are perfect. I never wear tan/beige but I couldn't say no to these, especially since they fit my teeny feet!

A dress to go with said shoes:

Funky pinstripe vest:
I'm slowly building up a vest collection, so far I have a denim one, a black leather one, a brown-y steampunk-ish one and now this cute pinstriped thing.

Awesome fancy lacy gothy dress:

LOVELOVELOVE. I probably won't be able to wear this for a while, since I don't go out much and it's rather cold at the moment.

Ridiculously cute denim crop jacket with oversized buttons:

Not pictured: long-sleeved shirts in purple, red and orange for layering.

There are a whole bunch of op-shops near our new house which I plan on checking out in a few weeks. If you'd like to see more op-shop hauls in the future, let me know! :) we have a cream fitted sheet on the bed that is PERFECT for photographing larger items like clothes, and we also have a little white side table which is the best backdrop for smaller things like makeup. It was totally unintentional, getting both of those things, but they're both very handy.


  1. Good haul! Charity shops near me are so crap :(

  2. Omg those shoes are ADORBZ. *steals them from you* >:D

    I wish I could find good stuff op shopping, so far the only thing Ive found is a functional makeup bag for $2 XD

  3. I wish we had better charity shops here, they are practically non existant!

  4. Those shoes are amazing! Also ridiculous, but amazing.

    Also jealous of the waistcoat - I've just been making one (pics will probably turn up on my blog soon) :)

  5. Oh my God those shoes are amazing! :D

  6. Ooooooh I want the lacy dressss!!!!!!


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