Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Born Pretty haul

I pretty much covered all the details in my NoTD post, but here's pics of what I got from Born Pretty.

Set of dotting tools

Double-ended stamper, and scraper

Five (!) stamping plates. Lots of simple, cutesy designs like flowers,
butterflies, bows, hearts etc. and a few of the full-nail designs like
fishnets and swirls, which I will need to learn how to apply properly.

Stamping polishes (god I hope these work well) and nail glue.


I'm definitely going to be getting more plates and Fimo. I've gotten the hang of Konad-ing now (mostly) and Fimo is dead easy, if you don't mind having weird protrusions on your nails for a while. Born Pretty have free shipping internationally and there's usually a 10-15% off coupon floating around cyberspace somewhere. If you're interested in nail art at all, they're a great resource.


  1. I need to do a Fimo mani again soon! I have tons of the sticks and I even spent a couple hours ages ago cutting them all up... and do I use them? I need to get me the double-ended stamper as well. Sigh.

  2. Mmmm fimo! It scares me though, not gonna lie.

  3. Nice haul, I love Born Pretty! Those fimo bits look amazing, so cute! I really need to learn how to stamp properly.

  4. SO MUCH CUUUUUUTE. This makes me wish I wasn't unco so I could do nail art ^___^


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