Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tubes of WIN

I finally got off my butt and ordered from Shiro Cosmetics! I was mostly interested in the Intertubes, since I already have zillions of eyeshadows (not really). I ordered 4 eyeshadow samples, some stickers for depotting them, and all the Intertube samples.

I won't bother talking about the shadows since there are swatches and reviews everywhere about them, and they totally live up to the hype! Also the samples are ridiculously generous, they very nearly overflowed the 3g jars I keep arouund for samples. Since the Intertubes are going to look quite different on different skintones and sized/shaped lips however, I thought it'd be a bit useful to swatch those. Since I did get ALL of them :)

I don't have a great lip brush at the moment, so these are all done with my finger.

Three Wolf Moon
Gorgeous muted red with cinnamon scent/flavor. This did sting my lips a bit but died down after a minute. I'm getting a full-size of this for sure. I love it!

 Barely visible on my lips (applied over a lip stain here) but it's really zingy and minty. Gives a hint of silvery sparkle without becoming frosty. I don't usually like minty anything, but... I think I'll be getting this in a full-size! Gives a lovely intense cooling sensation.

Over 9000
 Really pretty soft bubblegum pink. Bright but still really flattering. I don't own a lot of pink-y lip colours, and this can be built up or sheered down, so... I think I'll have to get a full-size of this too.

 Love the meme, gorgeous colour... EW. I had to photograph this quickly and take it off. The smell of ginger doesn't agree with me. I might see how Caitlin feels about doing unscented tubes.

Numa Numa

Sheer, frosty gold with an orangey base. Wish it looked better on me, it's very pretty and smells like creme caramels! They're one of my favourite desserts. The frostiness just settled into my liplines and accentuated all my dry bits :(

Leeroy Jenkins
 Smells like... toothpaste?! I wanted to love this colour but it's pinker on me than I'd hoped. Also it's quite streaky. Maybe a full-sized version would be a bit more even, but overall, I think I'll pass on this one.

Yo Dawg
Smells a bit like Ribena. Muted, purplish-fuschia colour. A bit meh for me since I don't really like pinky-berry-fuschia type colours.

Chocolate Rain
 This smells like Chicos... heh. Probably one that could have benefitted from lip brush application. It was quite patchy. Brown is probably the ONLY colour I don't like on my lips, so for that reason I won't be purchasing this in full-size. That and I'm not a huge fan of Chicos either. I mean, if they're there, I'll eat some, but I'd rather have real chocolate/real jelly babies.

Sad Keanu
 Deep violet. Another one that just wouldn't even out on me! I think applying this from the tube, to exfoliated lips, would have produced a much nicer result. I already have lots of purple lip products though, so I'll probably give this a miss anyway.

Robe and Wizard Hat
 I thought I'd have the same application problems with this as with the other more pigmented shades, but as you can see, I actually managed to get it quite smooth and opaque. Love this one, but if I wanted dark blue lips I've got my beloved Blueberry lipstick from Morgana :) if you missed out on that, however, this is a seriously gorgeous alternative. It's also a much lighter texture, given that Blueberry is a lipstick and this is an Intertube.


Do you have any Intertubes? Are you planning on getting some? I reccommend samples, they're $1.80US each and good for several applications.


  1. I have all 10 of these in full sizes. Love 'em!

  2. I have 3 full sizes of these and some samples. Over 9000 is my favorite, I love that one! I love the color of Sad Keanu, but I had the same application problems with it, and that's with a full size. It's hard to find a purple that doesn't do that, though, unfortunately.

  3. I keep thinking I'm not going to order any more intertubes, but I keep seeing Over 9000 and it's really pretty. Apparently a lot of people have problems with Sad Keanu... as for Leeroy Jenkins, it's a little streaky on me but I don't think maybe as bad as in your swatch, so perhaps it's the sample. Oh, and I really like Chocolate Rain on you!

  4. You have inspired me to go shopping! I really like the Longcat, and its a shame Sad Keanu wasn't nicer because it seemed so nice on the website.

  5. I really love Sad Keanu, too bad it is hard to get it to apply evenly! Robe and Wizard Hat looks pretty awesome too!

  6. Rickrolled rickrolled rickrolled XD

  7. I need Rickrolled now! I have Leeroy Jenkins in fullsize and I don't find it streaky, but Sad Keanu is a damn streaky mess. I've only worn it once because of that, and even then I had to rub it down to a reddish stain so it didn't look awful :(

    I have a sample of Robe & Wizard Hat and I totes need to wear it now! Hopefully it looks half as nice on me :O

  8. I love Three Wolf Moon! Real shame about Sad Keanu though, it's so pretty. Rickrolled is gorgeous too!

  9. FYI: Caitlin has said she will offer any of the Intertubes without flavouring, for no extra charge. RICKROLLED HERE I COME!

  10. I love the colour of Rickrolled but HATE ginger. Also I really like Leeroy Jenkins (it does seem a bit streaky but I love the colour) but I'm sensitive to mint oil. So looks like I'll have to order them without flavouring :P


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