Monday, May 9, 2011

Mini-review: Ruse #1 and #2

This is actually a reprint from a small publishing company called Crossgen, which I had seen in a small secondhand bookshop a while ago. I was really surprised to see it on the 'new release' shelf of my LCS, but I picked it up.

This is kind of Sherlock Holmes-esque, but with a twist. I love the tagline, "He's the world's greatest detective. She's even better."

The comic follows Simon, a brilliant, if incredibly arrogant and socially incapable detective. However the narration is done by his assis- partner, Emma Bishop. She's his Watson, essentially, albeit a little more exasperated and intelligent. It's her wit and their interactions that make this comic so enjoyable to read, rather than being a dull Arthur Conan Doyle wannabe.

The artwork is, in all honesty, nothing spectacular but it isn't horrible either. It does its job of conveying most emotion and letting the Victorian landscape be accurate yet unobtrusive.

It's a fun read if you're into murder mysteries and banter. Issue two ends with a bit of a conundrum - without spoiling it, I'm really keen for Issue 3 to come out so I can see how Emma manages to get herself out of the rather sticky situation Simon's put her in... And what she'll do to him afterwards!

This cover is not a very accurate representation of their
relationship. If it were, she'd be glaring at him.

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