Saturday, December 25, 2010

Swatchfest! High Voltage shadows

As promised, here are the swatches of my eyeshadow sample haul from High Voltage Cosmetics. I bought about ten samples and got two freebies. I ended up getting an awful lot of purples and blues, which in hindsight was silly since I have a buttload of shadows in both those colours. Anyway. On to the swatches! These are done over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer, under artificial light.

Fairy Blood
Site description: satin blood red.
My description: Delicious smoky dark red. Yum.

Site description: skin toned highlighter for medium skin tones or darker skin tones with a slight pearl sheen.
My description: I am buying a full-size jar of this after my bank has recovered from Christmas. It's my absolute perfect highlight shade, swept lightly over primer (it's swatched quite heavily here). Not too much shimmer but not a flat matte either. I LOVE this.
Spiked Stilettos
Site description: shimmery golden pink brown with pearl accents.
My description: Beautiful smoky golden pinky taupe! The neutral I didn't know I was missing out on. Looks like a really dusty pink in the jar, I didn't think I was going to like it at all, but once I swatched it I was wishing I'd cracked it open sooner!
What A Drag
Site description: metallic orange red.
My description: This shows up as shimmery chocolate-copper brown to me. I can see myself using this for liner a lot, it's a very rich shade.

Alter Ego
Site description: fuschia metallic shadow.
My description: Bright, shimmery fuschia purple. I'm not too sure why this is in the 'pink' section. The only thing I had close to this was a colour in the Sleek Curious palette, which disappeared every time I tried to use it. The shadow I mean, not the palette!

Girl's Night Out
Site description:  indigo-purple with massive gold sparkles.
My description: Dark blue with an explosion of silvery and gold glitter! This will probably need Pixie Epoxy to stay glitzy, but it's really gorgeous! The blue is a bit darker in person - like a cross between navy and royal blue. Dark, but still definitely blue.

Electric Boogie
Site description: royal blue with gold sparkles and a slight pearl sheen.
My description: Electric blue with gold glitter. Very sparkly!

Sunset Strip
Site description: powder blue with subtle purple undertones.
My description: Periwinkle blue with a slight lavender shimmer. This goes a bit pale and matte if overblended like I did in the middle of my swatch.

Saturday Night
Site description: complex shadow that looks purple blue or silver from differnt angles.
My description: Silvery-purple-blue! It's this metallic duochrome... I can imagine even more absolute gorgeousness coming out of this over Pixie Epoxy.

Little Miss Perfect
Site description: light airy blue with strong yellow highlights.
My description: Dusty denim blue with gold shimmer/duochrome. I really, really love this shade.

Cocktail Party 
Site description: bright shocking aqua.
My description: Bright, cheerful aqua/turquoise.

Detroit Rock City

Site description: light aqua green with tons of shimmer.
My description: Slightly darker and much more metallic version of Cocktail Party. I ordered both of these because I couldn't make up my mind which to get. I'll probably end up mixing them together with a splash of TKB Hilite Blue to have a nice standby turquoise/aqua colour, since it's not something I use a lot, but was missing from my collection.

Phew! I reeeeeeeeeally need to stop buying samples and start just getting full sizes of the colours I use. Maybe I should make that a New Year's Resolution :P

Hope you liked the swatches and that you're all having a great Christmas! I've set this to post while I'm enduring enjoying a family Christmas lunch. I should be back pretty soon after Boxing Day - I'm not jetsetting off for a holiday like a lot of my friends are. I'm gonna stay home and relax after the silly season! Sooo looking forward to it.


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