Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whale of a Nail Fail

This was supposed to be a nice, simple neutral mani to get me through a few days. What I hadn't reckoned on was Natio Brandy's reaction to the Orly Calcium Shield, which I have been using under everything for several weeks, and which has my nails at this awesome yet ridiculous length (except for my left index finger which I smashed between a heavy book and my bookshelf, sigh).

I got nicks and splotches, so I had the ingenious idea to cover the mess with a coat of Mode's Bubblegum, a sheer pink with blue-violet shimmer. I woke up the next morning with sheet prints, whacked on another coat, turning my nails from nice understated cream to baby pink - and by the end of the day? BUBBLES and DENTS EVERYWHERE.

Fortunately my new mini Konad kit had arrived, so instead of bemoaning an easy mani gone horribly wrong, I was able to use the fail as a canvas for experimentation.

Suffice to say I will be doing some more practising before I attempt a full Konad manicure! I'll take pictures of the kit and explain the process if anybody's interested.


  1. I'll be interested to see how you get the hang of Konad because everybody seems to be awesome at it right away but I bet I'd fail epically. XD

    Bubbles are the bane of my existence. I could create bubbles in the best mani ever, even without shaking the bottle :|

  2. Pretty please do my nails like yours?


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