Monday, May 24, 2010


Uni semester is over! Well, I do have an exam, but I have two weeks to study for it, so I'm not worried; I even had a lovely long sleep-in this morning. I'm more worried about what I'm going to do with myself in the holidays! I definitely need a second job, I've been at my current place of employment for over two years now. Not only am I really, really tired of all the problems that never get fixed, and the continual bombardment of the same questions and horribly annoying traits that our customers have, but they've really cut down my shifts, and I need something to keep me busy. I don't plan on trying to find something full-time for the two months (mid-year break is looooong) because I do have a lot of creative things planned.

I am still working on the Concrete Minerals primer review, but taking a clear eye close-up is proving ridiculously difficult! I have the draft review done, I just really wanted some pictures to go with it. I got some EcoTools brushes for 15% off last week, they're really nice. I wouldn't mind picking up a few more, I need more brushes in my life. And probably brush cleaner, too. I'm waiting on orders from Sassy Minerals, Meow Cosmetics (they had a free shipping sale which I pounced on [haha, geddit?]) aaand maybe a Concrete Minerals order as well. Quick note for CM fans, eyeshadow samples are being discontinued this Sunday night to make way for new shades being released on Monday (!) Which was of course very confusing for me, being in Australia and thus one day ahead of all the Americanos. I also have some hasty indoor snaps of my new Mode polishes. Yeah, I'm an addict! A few of them - Glitterati, Chillax and Frenemy - Vibrant Point of View has already reviewed, so you can check out better pictures on her gorgeous nails there.

Besides reading a lottt of books (and reviewing them), in the next few months I am going to really crack down on my own writing. My 2009 NaNoWriMo novel has been sitting on my hard drive since, well, since I finished it. I love the concept. My writing, not so much... so I plan on finally sitting down and attacking the silly thing. I was also thinking about churning out a few more scripts, and maybe running my own NaNo during July, since I didn't do it last year. I want to do more photography, make some more jewelry, and I have some clothes I've been meaning to dye.

Oof, and next time someone complains about Facebook, tell them it saved a university student. I thought that re-enrollments wouldn't be opening til after exams but turns out they're TONIGHT... I could have gotten the worst schedule ever if I hadn't have been on Facebook and found out! Phew! I had just enough time to double-check my schedule, too. *Wipes brow* crisis averted by your friendly neighborhood social networking site. And my habit of staying up way too late, reading blogs of authors I've just discovered, like Karen Miller. I'll be reviewing her series, Rogue Agent, right after I re-read it. It's three books long so far, and I'm pretty darn sure she'll be writing more. I really like her style, I'm hoping to get ahold of her other series as well.

One last note: I finally visited the infamous Archetype website. It's really badly put-together and the photographs of the actual eyeshadows are really craptastic. Yeah, some of the descriptions were intruiging, and $0.25 per sample was tempting... I'm really glad that international shipping is $13+ because I honestly think that was the only thing that stopped me from throwing my money into that glittery abyss. Never mind the plethora of horrible experiences I've read from people who have ordered from them. Sassy have $0.75 samples which come in jars, they have a huge range of colors and finishes, and lots of great reviews, which I hope to add to when I get my order. If it's glitteriffic-ness you're craving, just go to Fyrinnae. Hello, free shipping internationally for orders over $20?!

Well that was a ramble! Primer review soon, I promise. And maybe even something more srs; goodness knows I have a huge list of stuff I want to write about.
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  1. When it was going around that Archetype had actually started shipping their shit out, I placed an order and got it in a week (this was a couple months ago). I still haven't done a review on it... the colors are nice, and the prices are great, but they are way off from their website pictures, and with everyone's past bad experiences, I would never recommend them.

  2. I think they'd have to publicly apologise to everyone they screwed around in the past before I'd order from them.

  3. Oh god, $13 for shipping?! Thank god for that, I won't be ordering there anytime soon.

    Duuuuuude, where did you get the 15% off Ecotools? It's probably over now, but I still want to stare. They make my HG lid brush :)

  4. Silhouette: at Priceline pharmacies. I threw out the catalogue so I can't check the sale dates for ya :(


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