Sunday, May 30, 2010

Don't you just love

When your life decides to go crazy on you, with no warning? In the last week I've gotten a job interview at a really upmarket jewellry store, a job trial at an even more upmarket bag shop, been informed I can't sponsor my Compassion child any more, and had my wallet stolen from my current job. I only have a bankcard, and I called and got it cancelled pretty quickly, so I didn't lose any money. It was just A) really craptastic because I had to borrow $5 from my assistant manager just to get the train home, B) more craptastic because I really liked that wallet, and C) now I have to go about replacing all the stuff that was in it. And get a new wallet.

This week: 
*Monday I'm working 9am-5:30.
*Tuesday, jewelry place interview, after which I will be able to get a replacement bank card, do something about my Medicare card (which was in my wallet) get a new Smartrider (again, in my wallet) and if I have any energy left, I'll run over to the movies to replace my member's card. All the other stuff was just coffee loyalty cards (ironically, I had about 5 of them), a bowling card which I don't think I ever used, and some photos which I have digital copies of, so I can reprint them.
*Wednesday, handbag place job trial. After that I have to go into uni to get a new Student I.D. card, because I need it for my exam on the 8th, and it's also my university library card.

I got in a little retail therapy the morning my wallet was stolen. I found the first installation in a new comic series featuring Vala Mal Doran from Stargate SG-1, placed an order for a bunch of other comics, and managed to get my hands on two discontinued Mode polishes, namely Tree Hugger (grass-green) and Bubblegum (sheer pale pink with blue-purple iridescence). Links are to Vibrant POV's reviews. In all the craziness I've hardly looked at the polishes, barely touched my Sassy order, which I want to review, and my camera batteries are flat, so I haven't gotten any further on the Concrete Minerals primer review either. I ordered some more shadows from both Sassy and CM, so I might even wait til those arrive before typing up my thoughts. I haven't done nearly as much exam study as I should've. I need to organise posting a goodbye letter to my sponsor child... that's going to be so hard. I don't really know the situation in his village; I've been sponsoring him for close to three years and there's been no trouble that he's told me about, or any delays in letters back and forth. He's sent me many letters and pictures that he's drawn. He's a delightful, intelligent boy and I'll never forget him. I will definitely sponsor another child, I just need to wrap my head around losing Lucky first.

Fingers crossed for my job stuff next week. I'm trying to stay focused and positive. And studious. I had a sort-of day off today because I was just feeling crappy and stressed. I played some Red Dead Redemption with my boyfriend (it's not multiplayer so we take turns; I'll admit there's a bit of backseat driving, hehe), had a cry and a cuddle, and I'm feeling alright now. Just a bit tired! Going to bed right after Castle finishes at 10:30, and I'll be studying on my lunch break tomorrow instead of the shopping I had planned. Yay inadvertent saving? :P

Some proper writing will be along by the end of the week, pinky promise.


  1. Good luck with the interviews honey! I used to work in a jewelery shop too! lol ;) Before the kiddies came along that is!

    Sorry to hear about your crappy day though. :( Karma will get em!


  2. Thanks V! It went pretty good, they're making a decision by this afternoon. I got a new bankcard, and used it to buy a wallet. I got so lucky, found one that was almost exactly the same set-up as my prior, and in a nice pewter/bronze colour.

  3. My fingers are crossed for you!

    Mmmmm.... I like pewter accessories! :)

  4. Wahhh I hope things start to look up for you, I would punch someone if my wallet got stolen =/

    Cant wait for your CM primer review! :) Are you a fan on their FB page? Theyve got a random contest up at the moment where you can upload fan photos, tweet about CM etc and win shadows.

  5. I didn't get the job :( oh well. Trial tomorrow at super-fancy-handbag place. Eek.

    V: I think that pewter is a very underappreciated colour.

    Silhouette: Yes, I am a fan on the FB page. Haven't done anything for the contest yet, and I don't have a Twitter account! I'll try and get some sort of inspiration to at least enter. I have 6 CM shadow samples so it shouldn't be too hard ;) I don't think my review will be all that spectacular, though! Even though I do really like the primer.


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