Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eccentric Cosmetics: review, swatches and give-away!

On the hunt for a good orange and purple lip colour, I finally decided to bite the bullet and order from Eccentric Cosmetics, another Australian indie MMU company that has been on Etsy for a while.

I placed an order for a Silken Lips lipstick, in the shade Orange U Glad. I received my order the following week with my product, a business card and two samples: an eyeshadow in (Wicked Mischief) and a clamshell containing their eyeshadow primer. Unfortunately the lip balm tube containing Orange U Glad wasn’t working properly and wouldn’t screw up at all! I contacted and she replied very quickly. I had offered to send back the product for an exchange, but she said she’d send me a new one and suggested that I microwave the defective tube and depot the lip product. 

The following week my new, working tube of Orange U Glad arrived, with another sample of Wicked Mischief and an addition sample in a clamshell of Killer Heels, which is the purple lipstick! So I’ll be swatching and reviewing everything except the primer today, since I want to do a wear test with that one. Also I give Anna a big thumbs up and a thank-you for her awesome customer service and generosity with samples.

First up: Orange U Glad. This is the replacement tube I was sent: 

The Silken Lips are quite an unusual texture - they're silky when you rub your lips together, but they have a high wax content which makes them sit a little heavy on the lips. They have lots of lip-nourishing goodness in them, and they feel like a really thick lip butter. The upside to the texture is that it's a nice protective layer on the lips and makes the colour quite opaque as well. The downside would be that you need to exfoliate your lips before using it, since you'll get a concentration of colour on any cracks or dry patches if you don't. Oranges always look kind of neutral on me, so I think I might try some gloss over the top to amp it up a bit. These have a satin finish, they're not glossy at all. 

This eyeshadow is a lovely smooth copper with a rosy sheen and golden sparkles. A really gorgeous, complex neutral with a kick. I wish I could have gotten the red-pink flash to show up a bit more - it's faintly visible in the bottom of the first swatch - it's almost a sunset on the beach colour. Quite smooth and the glitter particles stick nicely. Official description is "beautiful bronzy gold rubs down to a pinky base, filled with gold and orange sparks."

No foundation and lazy, day-old eye makeup!

Red-toned medium purple, though it looks quite blue-toned in that swatch. I love it. You can apply it sheerly for more of a 'wearable look', but I exfoliated my lips and then layered it on with a lip brush (that I totally forgot I even owned). The formula means it's not my HG purple lipstick, but it's definitely a lot closer to the colour that I want than all the too-dark or too-pink purples I've been disappointed by in the past.

I will definitely be placing another order with Eccentric Cosmetics in the future - at the time of writing this post, you can get 3 Silken Lips samples in clamshells for $6 AU. The other colours I'm keen on trying would be Vamped, a deep red, and The Future is Right, a stunning teal-blue colour. They also have 5 eyeshadow samples for $5, and eyeshadow primer samples in Nude or Black. I have the Nude and I will be doing a wear test soon.

Since I have an extra tube of Orange U Glad, I’m going to have a little give-away! All you have to do is make a comment using the word “GLAD” and your email address, and in ten days I’ll pick a random comment and send that tube (opened to check it was working, but otherwise untouched, I used my de-potted tube to swatch with) to the lucky commenter. 

Also, just for funsies:
 ^ sheered out, more colour-accurate, and 100% more duckface.


  1. What amazing customer service! I like that she both sent a new one and suggested how to not waste the old one. I like the colours and the names.

  2. I was sent some Eccentric samples to review a couple of years ago, then the brand disappeared! I'm really glad they're back as I liked their shadows a lot. The colours of the lippies look lovely.
    Also 'GLAD' lillianfunnyface@hotmail.co.uk :P

  3. DUCKFAAAAAAACE! I frakking love that purple on you :D

  4. Competition is closed! Thanks for the comments, dears.


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