Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Notd: Starboard bling

 A while ago I ordered a wheel of various sized clear rhinestones and a heap of different coloured nail tape from ebay.

This was my first go at using them. It is a bit easier than Konading, but still fiddly.

Starboard by China Glaze is of my favourite green polishes.These photos were taken after several days of wear - I used a regular top coat over the tape and rhinestone before covering it all with a layer of my usual fast-dry top coat and they stayed very secure. Removal was extremely easy, I used an acetone-based remover and both tape and rhinestone slid right off with hardly any pressure/time. I would actually rate the removal of both as being easier than glitter polish.

Sadly I have to trim my nails now as I had a break on my right hand yesterday :( I can't wait to play with more tape though, there's holo patterned ones!

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  1. I love the idea of the nail tape! That looks awesome!


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