Friday, July 22, 2011

Matchy-matching LOTD

You are about to be treated to a dose of my EXTREEEEEEEME colour-coordinating skills.

Here is the shirt I wore today:

Here is the eye look: Sugarpill Midori and Tako, false demi-lashes, and Covergirl Liquifyes Liner.

Lips: Morgana Cryptoria Shreiking Orange with Sobe Botanical's Gothstix in Panic over the top.

Lastly, nails: Zoya Harley.

Problem? What problem???


  1. oh god, you have completely reminded me that I need more Morgana lipsticks.

  2. YOU DO. I have been alternating Cocoa and Roses and Violets to work. I plan on wearing Gilded Lime sometime during my first week back at uni.

  3. That lip combo. I DIE. Also the demi lashes are cute.

  4. Orange is one of my FAV colours for lips.

    I was actually quite suprised at how well I did with the lashes! I was convinced that one of them would be gone by the time I got home, hahaha. But I quite like them. Uh-oh, I sense another obsession coming up...

  5. AWESOME LOOK! I love colour coordination! The lips are my favourite. Would you perhaps do a review of Gothstix? I have had my eye on them and was wondering what others thought of them!

  6. Brb, DYING over the orange lips. Love the eye look too!

  7. Vulcan: I only have the one xD Grey did a review of them ages ago which is what led me to buying it xD I was thinking of maybe getting Purple People Eater since I'm always on the hunt for great purples.


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