Sunday, April 25, 2010


Waiting for...

The bus.
The kettle to boil.
Nail polish to dry.
The washing machine to finish a cycle.
The cat to wake up and move out of the doorway.
My phone to ring.
Packages in the mail.
My number to be called at the cafe.
The comic shop to tell me my order's in.
A cut to heal.

We spend a lot of our lives waiting. Do we ever learn to do it well?


  1. I think there's a real philosophical element to learning to wait well. Maybe something to connect with the Slow Movement ...

  2. Absolutely! I firmly believe waiting is an art. It's time you can waste or spend well, either doing something else or taking time to think and reflect.

    Then there's just pure procrastination, 'waiting' for inspiration or motivation. Something like what I'm doing right now :P


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