Monday, November 22, 2010

All About Morgana Cryptoria

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Cydonian of Turtle Beauty is having a giveaway. Enter for your chance to win a tube of Morgana's lipstick and TWO full-sized eyeshadows!** 

I managed to get my camera working enough for swatches, which is good since I have 6 Morgana Cryptoria (renamed, revamped Morgana Minerals) lippies to show you - and a good majority of them are new colours! I've already rhapsodised about the moisturising qualities, stunning opacity and longevity of these. So without further ado:


Brilliant aqua blue. I love this so much - because of the name and the colour. I took about a million photos of this because I didn't want to take it off!


Metallic, gorgeous dark green.

Cotton Candy

Frosty light pink. I can't see myself wearing this often. It's nice but it's definitely not me.

Apple Plum

Neutral, deep, muted reddish-pink creme with a faint flush of purpley-pink iridescence. If you don't like bright/deep colours, or you need something conservative for work, GET THIS. It's so gorgeous, understated yet beautiful, neutral - I can't imagine this not looking good on any age or skin tone. I don't like pinks at all, but this is such a lovely soft, unique red-pink. I can see myself wearing this to work very often.

Twinkling Rubies

Bright red packed with red, gold and pink glitter - NOT gritty at all! Doesn't give you disco ball lips, but the glitter is noticeable.

Rubbed down on my hand to show the glitterrrrrr.


Heavenly deep, metallic purple with a hint of blue sparkle.

Morgana is coming out with a pastel collection soon. I want to try and and all of the purples. I also would really like to try Rosy Plum, as Apple Plum is a little darker on me than I was expecting. Can I just say: get Serenity NOW before it's all sold out!

I also discovered on my computer two swatches of Morgana's limited edition shadows which I totally forgot I was going to post about. The limited edition shades don't have names, just numbers. I got #1, "robin's egg blue with blue green sparkle and color shifting violet" and #18, "sage with violet sparkles".



Unfortunately these complex colours are hard to photograph. #18 is a much more mossy green, and the sparkles don't look as gold in person. The shimmers in #1 don't really show up in indoor light; this shade needs sunlight to really blossom.

I did get a tube of Morgana's infamous black lipstick, Licorice, but the heat did something to it and it's gone all funny. I told Melissa right away and she's making a new batch and sending me a replacement. I offered to pay shipping but she wouldn't have any of it. Now THAT is customer service.

Need more incentives?
*You can now get shadow samples in jars for $2.50.
*The order minimum has been lowered to $15 US.
*There are lip pots available for $5 US if you don't want to committ to a tube for $10 US.
*The new Cleopatra Collection features an eyeshadow named Pyramid Scheme.
*She sells vegan eye and lip brushes which are all under $10. The retractable lip brush is what's in the Absinthe swatch photo :)

Go check out the site!


  1. I want Serenity and Pyramid Scheme solely because of the names :P and Twinkling Rubies is fucking gorgeous if you don't mind me saying :O

  2. Sure love Apple Plum and Twinkling Rubies!
    Can wear Twinkling Rubies for hot sexy look :)

  3. I love Absinthe! Twinkling Rubies is really pretty too.

  4. Jerry: ME TOO and no, I don't mind ;)

    Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I cannot stress enough how much nicer these lipsticks are in person.

  5. Im in LOVE with otherworldly and apple plum... guess im just going to have to order those... Just hit the follow button! Check out my blog?


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