Monday, July 25, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria: 2011 Lipstick Swatches

I just realised I've had these pretties for quite a while but haven't swatched them yet! WHAT. These are from the 2011 lipstick range, and I got them during a full moon sale so I effectively got one for free :)


Very much a my lips but nude-r shade :) I've been wearing this to work over a lip balm on days when I feel like something more beige than pink.

Roses and Violets

My other go-to colour. It's just so pretty and effortless! Anyone that knows me will tell you I'm not into pink. At. All. But something about this lipstick just makes me feel so girly and pretty without being saccharine... the faint violet sheen and rosy scent helps :)

Shrieking Orange

This lipstick was a lot more... light orange than I expected. I don't think it looks good on me at all, and as you can see from the swatch pic, it clings to all my lip lines and dry patches. To make this a bit more wearable, I smooth some Sobe Botanicals Gothstix in Panic over the top - it deepens the colour and makes it a bit more creamy.

It doesn't look super different on here but in person it makes a HUGE difference. Oh and one other thing about Shrieking Orange... it stains.
That's after literally a few minutes. It's this crazy neon coral which I actually REALLY love. I suspect I may be using Shrieking Orange for its staining properties more than I use it for an actual lipstick! :P Bees Knees from the new 1920s collection looks a bit more up my alley.

Gilded Lime

I'm not super keen on metallic or frosty lipsticks, they always either are patchy on me or accentuate my liplines thus making me look dreadfully dehydrated (I mean, I am a lot of the time, but who wants to see that?!) but HHHNNGGGHH I love this colour so much. The golden sheen makes it look so luxe.

I still have a bunch more I want to get in tubes, but at least I have a decent lip brush now (from Furless, review of those coming soon) so I can use my potted ones. I know a lot of people have been put off by the latest lipstick price raises at Morgana, and the shortage of samples, but... I honestly believe her formulas and her colour range are worth it. And how about those new balms?! I can't even BEGIN to narrow them down to "ones I really actually would wear" versus the "OMGPRETTY" ones versus the "I gotta see that in person" versus the... yeah When I have money again I think I might just join the Lipstick Coven.


  1. oh dude I want Roses and Violets. so nice!! It has been far too long since my last MC order...

  2. I like the stain colour more than the actual colour too... I really like the creamsicle kind of orange in the tube but I fear it wouldn't wear well on me either.

  3. Not even gonna lie, I still want Shrieking Orange because it *is* so light. Every other orange I own leans quite red.

  4. Oooh Gilded Lime is so cool!

  5. Suz: I've been wearing R&V almost every day to work. It's just so PRETTY.

    Robyn: it's definitely a different sort of orange.

    Silhouette: this might work for you, then!

    Lillian: Isn't it just?! :)

  6. Awesome swatches! I have Gilded Lime and I love it! I should have gotten Shrieking Orange, I have been looking for a lighter orange lipstick but I thought it would show up darker so I didn't get it.


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